Best Sony Bravia TV Black Friday deals 2021

We’ve grabbed all of the best Sony Bravia TV Black Friday deals so you can kick back and relax this year. If you’re in the market for a new Sony Bravia TV this Black Friday, then read on to discover all of the best deals that you’re going to be able to find anywhere. Sony Bravia has become one of the world’s best-known TV brands thanks to its great features, reasonable price, and reliability. You can be sure that any Sony Bravia TV is going to work well, and that it’s not going to fall apart after you’ve had it set up for two months like certain brands. 

Where to buy a Sony Bravia TV on Black Friday 2021?

You can expect to find Sony Bravia TVs at all good big-box retailers this Black Friday. As with many types of products, getting the biggest discount will rely on buying the most expensive device. In previous years, Sony TVs have been discounted as far as $300, so chances are that we will see at least that on some of the bigger sizes of Bravia TV this year. The obvious outlier is Sony’s new Bravia XR X92 TV which clocks in at a whopping 100”, and is probably a little too niche to see too much of a discount. 

In the realms of regular TVs, something like the 75” XR X90J is liable to be one of the most heavily discounted TVs you’ll find, probably at least reaching $300 off at some retailers, if not slightly more than that. 

How much is a Sony Bravia TV on Black Friday?

Prices will range from around $400 all the way to over $2000 for a Sony Bravia TV this Black Friday. Sony offers a huge array of different Sony Bravia TVs, and pretty much all of them will be available at some kind of discount this November. Something like the Z9J is a safe bet, at quite a large size, but with full-array LEDs instead of OLEDs, you can expect a decent discount and a lot of bang for your buck. 

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