Best Sony TVs Black Friday: Budget to Premium, OLED

For the very best Sony TVs on Black Friday 2021, from the most premium OLED TVs to more budget offerings, we will list them all here at WePC.

Sony is a company that needs no introduction. Even before the release of their first legendary PlayStation console, the brand was well known for their audio products, as well as TVs of all sizes and resolutions. The brand will have some great offers this year on 8K TVs, 120Hz TVs, and OLED 4K TVs – read below to see which ones we consider the best this Black Friday.

If you happen to already know which specific TV you want, jump ahead to the following pages to find the best Black Friday deals for individual products:

What are the best Sony TVs this Black Friday?

For almost every user, 4K is the highest resolution you will require in a TV – there simply isn’t much 8K media around. The Sony A90J OLED is the best 4K Sony TV for Black Friday 2021 in our opinion (and that of any sane person) as well as being the best Sony TV for gaming, all things considered. If you simply must go 8K, then the Sony KD-75ZH8 8K TV is the right choice for you. For slightly more reasonable priced Sony TVs this Black Friday, then the Sony Bravia KD49XH8505BU is a solid choice, or for even less money the Sony X750H.

The best budget Sony TVs this Black Friday

Budget TVs are hard to come by for the Sony brand, as the company tends to focus on competing with the likes of Samsung and LG on the upper end of the price spectrum. Nevertheless, if you have your heart set on a budget Sony TV this Black Friday, then the Sony X750H from back in 2020 is a solid choice, though it lacks the later technology such as local dimming feature and the internal menus can be a bit on the slow / laggy side. If you can’t get hold of one of these and don’t mind spending a bit more money then the Sony Bravia KD49XH8505BU may be a good option for the lower middle range, coming with superior color replication and a crisper image, as well as more updated features.

The best 4K Sony TVs this Black Friday

The top of Sony’s 4K TV range, and one of the best 4K TVs on the market, is the Sony A90J OLED, a true premium offering that comes in 55”, 65”, and 83” sizes and has a 120Hz refresh rate. The contrast ratio on this TV is sublime – with great deep blacks and respectable brightness. The color replication is equally terrific and lush, along with great color accuracy out of the box. The TV comes with an array of Smart TV features, and great viewing angles, one of several reasons that makes it a good choice for gaming (read more on this below) as well as film, television, and other multimedia viewing. A great premium Sony TV for Black Friday 2021.

The best Sony TV for gaming this Black Friday

The best Sony TV for gaming this Black Friday is the same that takes our top spot of best Sony 4K TV, the mighty Sony A90J OLED – with lightning quick response times, low input lag and a 120Hz refresh rate, its a great choice. There are however certain drawbacks the consumer should be aware of – firstly it does not currently come with VRR support (either FreeSync or G-Sync) so this may result in some screen tearing, though this is supposed to be getting rectified in a future software update, so it’s not that much of an issue. Secondly though, being an OLED tv, the Sony A90J, does suffer from screen burn-in of any persistent image over time (unlike true LED TVs) so you will want to be careful of this and have breaks between games on your screen every couple of hours. If the A90J is our of your price range, then you may want to consider the more budget-friendly Sony Bravia X900H/XH90, which has an LCD display so won’t suffer from image burn-in.

The best 8K Sony TVs this Black Friday

If you have your heart set on buying an 8K monster this Black Friday, then the Sony KD-75ZH8 is the best 8K Sony TV around, and the only real choice as far as we’re concerned. Not only does it come with superbly crisp, colorful images (particularly for a non-OLED TV), with great motion handling for sports and gaming, the sound output is exceptional. A great choice for an 8K TV for Black Friday 2021.

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