Best streaming microphone Black Friday deals: USB, XLR

When it comes to streaming, getting yourself the best microphone for streaming you can is arguably more important than the quality of your webcam. After all, you can happily enjoy hearing someone commentate whilst playing a game without seeing their face, but the entertainment value of listening to someone who sounds like they’re using a PC stand microphone from 1998 is only going to last for so long. If you’re getting into streaming for the first time, or even thinking about upgrading your current setup, you should look into some of these deals we’ve found for you. From USB microphones to XLR ones, there’s a whole range of audio equipment just waiting for you on Black Friday 2021.

The best microphone for streaming deals during Black Friday 2021?

There isn’t one definitive best streaming microphone for absolutely everyone, but we’d definitely suggest looking out for a deal on the Blue Yeti Pro microphone this Black Friday. Blue has been a well-known company in audio tech for quite a while now, and the Yeti Pro is a great microphone for streamers of every level. It gives you the best of both worlds, with options for both top-quality XLR input through a mixing desk, or a simple USB connection straight into your PC. Last year, you could expect reductions of around $30 on similar products, so we can hopefully expect similar savings this year.

What streaming microphone deals will there be on Black Friday 2021?

As well as the Blue Yeti Pro mentioned above, you can expect to see a pretty huge array of different streaming microphones on offer this Black Friday to compliment your streaming webcam. Another product from Blue that’s arguably the best budget microphone for streaming is the Blue Snowball, a USB-based, spherical microphone. If you need XLR support, then try out the Razer Seiren Elite, which offers both XLR and USB much as the Yeti Pro does. Check out the complete list of the best deals down below to help you complete your streaming setup.

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