Black Friday External SSD Deals 2021

In an era where cybercrime is making our computers and online storage more vulnerable than ever, it’s sometimes reassuring to know that you have a separate backup ready to go with all your important files on it. If you’ve not done this yet, or you’re already running out of space, you should look into these great external SSD deals that we’ve found. Black Friday 2021 is a great time to think about upgrading your external storage devices for bigger or faster ones. 

Why buy an External SSD this Black Friday? 

One of the big advantages of an external SSD over other external storage mediums is speed. When compared with an external HDD or flash drive, an external SSD can transfer information much quicker, making them the only real choice for anyone who regularly transfers large amounts of data. They’re also great if you happen to need more space for installing games on consoles, as they run fast enough to not slow down your gameplay or loading times too badly. Of course, speeds still vary between SSDs, so you may want to invest in something truly high-end if you’re planning on plugging it into a next-gen system. 

Why you should consider an External HDD, too

While they may not be as good as SSDs in terms of speed or reliability, external HDDs do offer a price advantage over SSDs. If you’re only keeping files for a shorter period of time, or you’re just planning on backing up your data infrequently then you might want to consider going for an HDD instead just to save yourself some cash. That’s especially true if you have a lot of data to back up and can’t afford a big enough SSD, as the larger HDD could still come in under your budget if you search hard enough, especially this Black Friday

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