Boost your typing accuracy and speed with Lightkey Pro, just $50

Whether you’re a blogger, aspiring journalist or anyone else who writes for work, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance. Sure, you can always slow down to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, but time is money. Sometimes we hit a stride and need to “strike while the iron is hot”, so to say. That’s when speed becomes critical.

The problem that often comes with moving at our fastest pace is that typos and errors happen. Then it takes just as long to go back and spend time editing.

The Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software, available for just $50 in the AG Deals Store today, is powered by AI and learns your typing patterns, improving your pace by suggesting words and correcting errors. Indeed, a lifetime subscription to this powerful tool is currently 70 percent off.

Lightkey learns your typing patterns and begins to predict words, with punctuation, to help speed things up, all without losing coherence. In fact, it will boost your speed by around four times offering up to 12 words ahead of time.

Lightkey Features

  • Works with Microsoft Office 2010-2019 and Office 365
  • Works with Google Chrome apps (Gmail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, and more)
  • Predicts up to 12 words, including punctuation marks, in over 80 languages
  • Utilizing hundreds of grammar rules to offer real-time spelling and grammar corrections
  • Includes over 60 content domains including technology, business, finance, law, academia, & more
  • Supports over 80 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, and more
  • Extended support for non-touch typists (visually focused on the keyboard while typing)
  • Trigger Lightkey in any application using Lightkey Anywhere
  • Lightkey operates fully & securely offline
  • Intuitive dashboard helps you unlock your key productivity metrics

The real-time text spelling and grammar correction software folds in tons of writing rules and suggests relevant predictions. Lightkey dives into dozens of built-in content domains such as technology, academia, and business to inform and shape the predictions.

Lightkey is simple and intuitive tool that works with many common word writing apps (Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc). Oh, and it supports over 80 languages.

Get Started Today

The most recent version of Lightkey Pro offers a lower price, new UI, new features and more accuracy for predictive text. You can get a lifetime subscription to this real-time correction app for just $50, down from $169.

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