Call Of Duty Cold War Season 5 Release Date

Call Of Duty Cold War Season 5 – New Maps

The Season 5 update is going to bring COD fans to a couple of new locations, two of which many of you may be familiar with.

Echelon – This map sees a 6v6 scenario and is set in Teufelsberg, AKA, “Devil’s Mountain” in Berlin. Operators fight through rain and ash to try and control the central room inside the main dome.

Slums – This 6v6 map takes you to the streets in a classic three-lane slum set in Panama City.

Showroom – This map is for 2v2 or 3v3 gameplay and takes place in a department store called ‘Stacks”. This abandoned mall in New Jersey feels very unique and gunfights across the store are going to feel close quarters.

Drive-In – Drive-in is somewhat of a cult classic from the original Black Ops, set in a movie drive-in theatre, somewhere in the midwest USA. This map has been remastered and features close-quarter fighting.

Zoo – Last but not least, Zoo – another classic from the original Black Ops has been remastered. Watch out for the bear pits!

What Else Can We Expect From The COD:BO Cold War Season 5?

Become a double agent? That’s right, this new mode is an investigative multiplayer party experience where the double agents attempt to sabotage the overall mission. Work together, find the traitors, and win.

Demolition is returning in season five, a classic game mode is now going to feature on Cold War.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a significant COD update without some zombie content. New perks, field upgrades, support weapons, new outbreak content, and loads more are making their way to the season 5 update.

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