Call Of Duty Vanguard – Battle Of Verdansk Event, Reveal Trailer, Release Date, & Cover Art

Call Of Duty Vanguard Beta

You can be sure there is going to be a Call Of Duty Vanguard Beta, with rumored dates for a Playstation Beta already surfacing for the 16th of September 2021 that will last for around four days. Again, it would be strange if the PC Community wasn’t included in this somehow but it looks as though Xbox players may have to wait a little longer.

We know from the leaks that in order to play the Vanguard Beta, you may have to pre order the Ultimate Edition of the game, which is pretty common these days. The Ultimate edition will no doubt bring a lot of extra bonus items, such as new weapons, characters skins, and possibly early access to Call Of Duty Vanguard.

call of duty vanguard open beta early access

Call Of Duty Vanguard Beta Filesize

The Vanguard Beta size is unknown at this stage, however, Cold War was around 31GB on PS4, 21GB on Xbox One, and 40GB on PC. Until there is an official announcement, it is all conjecture at this moment in time.

How To Get The Call Of Duty Vanguard Beta

It looks as though you will need to Pre Order Call Of Duty Vanguard to secure early access to the open beta. This is nothing new, however, it may only be for the Ultimate Edition buyers, as shown in some of the recent leaks.

Digital pre order customers on Xbox and PC may get to play at different times to Playstation but all respective platforms will likely be able to download the beta from a first-party store, which will prompt you to download when it becomes available.

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