Call Of Duty Vanguard Pre Order – Release Dates & Pre Order Bonus

Call Of Duty Vanguard is set to follow the rest of the franchise and become one of the biggest games of the year without breaking a sweat. To the delight of CoD fans, a lot of information around Vanguard was recently leaked, giving us an insight as to what period the game will be, along with Beta leaks, artwork, and a bit of insight into the development of the game.

There is already a huge buzz around this new title, with many hoping that it brings a bit of redemption back to the franchise, with CoD’s previous World War shooter being a total flop. The hype is mostly a result of the rumor mill but one area people are now searching for is how to pre order Call Of Duty Vanguard. Well, the major reveal is set to drop on August 19th, with possible dates but until then, it is all conjecture.

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