CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus Bi-Color 55W – Another “Ready to Fly” Kit

CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus Bi-Color 55W – Another "Ready to Fly" Kit

In late 2020 we reported about a new “Ready to Fly” RGBDT lighting kit by CAME-TV. Now, 9 months later, the Chinese company has yet another model of these versatile and travel-friendly lights on offer: The Boltzen Perseus Bi-Color 55W.

This time around, these lights lack RGB capabilities, but they do offer solid bi-color performance…. and to be honest: 99% of the time I use pure white light. Sure, a few splashes of color can be quite appealing, but most of the time I stick with pure daylight rather than a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

image credit: CAME-TV

For me personally, a solid bi-color light, especially one that says “Ready to Fly”, is far more useful than a lesser output RGB light when it comes to pure white light. And that’s exactly what this CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus Bi-Color 55W seems to deliver.

55W may not sound like much, but three of these lights in a single compact and lightweight case that you can take anywhere seems compelling indeed.

CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus Bi-Color 55W

As with the RGBDT version, the trick with this Bi-Color 55W variant is that the yoke folds flat, making it easy to stack the panels. You can fit up to three of them in a Pelicase 1510 or 1535 hard case, CAME-TV has the fitting foam insert ready for you.

CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus
image credit: CAME-TV

This foam insert also provides space for V-mount batteries, cables, and a WiFi remote that is included with certain kits.

A Pelicase with everything you need in terms of lighting, and all the equipment is actually “Ready to Fly” (read: protected) – that’s what makes these lights so special. You can choose between different kits, including 2 or 3 lights, just the foam insert or complete with a hard case if you don’t already have one. There is also a kit with just one light that comes in a soft bag. This one is not quite as ready to fly, of course.

CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus
image credit: CAME-TV

The color temperature can be adjusted steplessly between 3200K – 5600K, and CAME-TV claims a color accuracy of TLCI 97+ or CRI 96+ (I know, that doesn’t mean much, but it’s all we have). The lights are of course dimmable, CAME-TV claims 100% – 0%.

Pricing and availability

Depending on the kit you choose, these lights are pretty affordable for what they have to offer.

image credit: CAME-TV

One light (with soft bag) is $264, a set of 2 lights (with foam insert and WiFi remote) is $563. A kit with 3 lights, the foam insert and WiFi remote is $844. The sets of 2 and 3 lights can be ordered with V-mount batteries, which costs about $100 per battery. A charger is not included (but can be ordered separately). The same goes for the hard case, which can be added for $125.


What do you think? Perhaps this is worth a closer look for your next trip abroad? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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