CamTrackAR v.2.0, Free Virtual Production Studio On Your Phone, Adds Pre–vis

CamTrackAR v.2.0, Free Virtual Production Studio On Your Phone, Adds Pre–vis

CamTrackAR v2.0 enables anyone to create virtual productions on iPhone or iPad now allows the import and pre-vis of 3D models in real-time. Let’s take a closer look.

FXhome are well known for launching software that helps lower barriers to entry.

Josh Davies, the founder of FXhome, started developing software to help his family who was working in video but didn’t have the money for the software they needed to carry on. His philosophy of value for money underpins all of the company’s releases; even though the software is usually bought by the education or indie film market there are also plenty of pros who use it, but perhaps don’t shout about it, especially when it’s free.

You may know the company more for its compositing software that helped famed YouTuber Freddy Wong reach his 8 million subscribers with his own brand of madcap filmmaking.

The tracking controls in CamTrackAR
The tracking controls in v2 of CamTrackAR. (Image credit: FXhome)

The company’s awkwardly named CamTrackAR has had a major update and yes, there is a free version. Although, if you want to build virtually you’ll need more than the one anchor point that the free version gives you. The one-time purchase of $29.99 will give you unlimited anchor points or you can pay for a $4.99 monthly subscription.

Free entry point into virtual production

The first version of the software gave you something to use your iPhone and iPad LiDar scanner for, other than more accurate low-light photography. Working with Apple’s ARKit you are able to track your in-built camera so you can accurately place it in virtual space. This ability blew a few minds when it first emerged last year especially as professional versions, used mostly for virtual sets, can cost thousands of dollars.

V2.0 adds the ability to import 3D models as virtual backgrounds or props and dynamically place them within a scene; chroma key filters for working with green or blue backgrounds, allowing users to select and isolate subjects before applying virtual backgrounds; and the ability to import still images to place into virtual scenes. 

But perhaps the headliner’s new feature is a new pre-vis tool. Previsualization is an essential tool in building virtual worlds, mainly as a timesaver. The manipulation of polygons is at the heart of all this work but processing is still married to the computer power available. Pre-vis becomes a way of committing to shots without waiting for a complete render. Imagine committing to the final cut of 2019’s ultra-real animation The Lion King without checking if the shots work.

CamTrackAR v2.0 fulfills all the philosophies that started Josh back when he produced the HitFilm software through a Kickstarter campaign. It literally puts virtual production and especially camera tracking in the palm of your hand for next to no money, just add an iPhone.

Version 2 of CamTrackAR improves the green screen experience
Version 2 of CamTrackAR improves the green screen experience. (Image credit: FXhome)

What’s new in CamTrackAR v2.0?

With the release of CamTrackAR v2.0, FXhome is introducing a breadth of new features to enhance the on-set virtual production workflow, including:

  • A new and more user-friendly interface providing more control to virtual production scenes
  • Import 3D models as virtual backgrounds or props, place dynamically around a scene
  • Professional chroma key filter for working with green or blue backgrounds, allowing users to select and isolate subjects before applying virtual backgrounds
  • Modify chroma keying properties in real-time to suit your needs and environment
  • Real-time compositing and keying to place your actors within a virtual environment
  • Enhanced camera controls for focus, color temperature, and exposure
  • Export camera data to Autodesk FBX format

For more information visit the FXhome website.

What do you think about this new CamTrackAR v2.0? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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