Can you play New World on Mac?

Steam’s best selling game New World has been claiming the gaming-nights of many. It’s hit a peak of nearly 1 million players in a day, and it seems that number is only growing. New World is a new MMORPG developed and published by Amazon Games. And although the game is currently reigning over PC, and even then, these PCs need to be powerful to run the intensive game.

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Although, many gamers are left wondering if New World is a PC exclusive. Mac and console players have been left asking whether this new game (new world if you might) will be coming on other platforms.

When asked, the studio responded with:

“New World will be playable only on PC for the foreseeable future.”

Which sadly does suggest that New World will remain a PC exclusive game, and unavailable for both Mac or console players. This could possibly change.


That being said, if you’re willing to jump through the hoops. You might be able to run a windows emulator on your Mac and attempt to run it from there. However, we wouldn’t suggest this considering the intensive and demanding kind of game New world is.


Some have thus wondered if New World might be added to Google Stadia, allowing for more people to play it. However, again, the studio have suggested this is unlikely to happen.

That being said, it’s still early days for New World and this could be up for change. The game might see a console port or a mac release. Until then, we’ll keep an eye out!

We can keep our hopes up but if you’re wanting to play New World, it looks like you’ll need a good PC for it. If you need help finding a good but cheap PC, you can check out our various guides here.

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