Canon Hong Kong confirms September 14, 2021 announcement date for the Canon EOS R3 | Canon Rumors

Pricing will be interesting. They keep saying it is NOT their flagship….but I think there is a chance it will be more expensive than the 1DXIII. The R1 I think has a chance to be $8k USD, which gives a lot of room between there and the R5 to slot this. Canon has been pushing pricing a lot (e.g. 20%, or sometimes more), so that is how you get a $6500 1DXIII up to an $8k R1. Could they then put the R3 at $6600? I think its at least possible.

I hope its more like $4k, but I think that makes it too close to the R5. SO I’m guessing the floor for pricing will be $4500. In my purely speculative math here, that’s a range of probability between $4500 and $6700USD. All too much for me. But I’m still waiting with excitement to see what the final answer is.


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