Canon’s new microsite warns you about potential counterfeits

Buying fake camera gear and accessories is something that can happen to anyone. So, in order to warn and educate its customers, Canon has launched a new microsite dedicated to counterfeits. It should provide you with valuable resources and information that will help you spot the fakes, skip buying them, and even report them.

The microsite is nested under Canon USA’s official website, and you can access it here. For starters, Canon warns you to buy gear either from the company directly or from authorized dealers. The company also lists some things to search for when buying camera or printing gear, such as a genuine hologram. A few years ago, Canon also developed battery recognition technology that alerts if your battery might be counterfeit.

On the microsite, you’ll find plenty of resources and helpful tips for avoiding counterfeits. There’s even a quiz for you to check if you can spot them.

Perhaps you remember that Canon won a lawsuit against a counterfeit battery seller on eBay last year. But other than batteries, you can also end up buying fake Canon lenses, speedlights, battery chargers, or inkjet cartridges if you don’t pay enough attention. So, check out this link before you make your purchase, and you can even report suspected counterfeit Canon products on 1-855-46-CANON.

[via Canon Watch]

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