Cheapest 24-inch iMac Black Friday deals 2021

Are you after a 23-inch iMac this Black Friday? Apple’s iMac series has been incredibly popular since the first model was released way back in 1998. The latest iteration is the 24-inch iMac announced by Apple in early 2021 has been a great iteration of the iMac family, bringing a splash of color and a radical shift in design over older models to one of the longest-running families of all-in-one computers on the market. We’ve compiled all of the cheapest deals on 24-inch iMacs to help you get your hands on one this Black Friday season.  

Where to buy the iMac 24-inch on Black Friday 2021? 

It is pretty difficult to get your hands on the new 24-inch Apple iMac this Black Friday, as the stock remains tight, even for Apple themselves. When it comes to the new iMac 24-inch 2021 edition, there are so many reasons to get your hands on one, even outside of the awesome new colorful designs. First up, as with many of Apple’s most recent products, the new iMac line is powered by their incredible M1 chip which has completely transformed a large amount of the products that it’s inside of. On top of that, the physical design of the new iMac series is incredibly thin and light, adding to the overall elegance of the already beautifully designed machines. There’s also the 4.5K (apparently) retina display and the advanced ports and plugs that make the new iMac an attractive proposition by anyone’s standards. 

How much is a 24-inch iMac this Black Friday?

It’s not likely that we’ll see many discounts above $50 for the iMac this Black Friday as the product has remained out of stock due to demand, so if it’s selling out at RRP, retailers have no onus to discount the product itself. If you’re looking for slightly more power at the expense of getting a more slimline computer, then the 27-inch iMac might also be worth considering. It doesn’t have the wide array of different colors available, nor does it come in an ultra-sleek form factor, but it does pack a lot of power and might be more suitable for heavy-duty applications like video and image editing. Certainly worth the trade-off for anyone who uses a lot of processor-intensive programs in their day-to-day life. 

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