Cheapest Black Friday Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals

Are you after a deal this Black Friday on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3? If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip back to the age of flip phones, then Samsung has clearly got you covered. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the latest edition of the Z Flip series, with a more advanced soft-screen, and high durability than previous models. So many people are going to be hankering to get their hands on one of these top-tier phones, and competition is going to be fierce, which is where we come in. This list compiles all of the cheapest options you’ll have when it comes to getting your hands on a Samsung Flip 3 this Black Friday.

Where to find the cheapest Samsung Z Flip 3 on Black Friday 2021

The main attraction of the Z Flip 3 is its ability to fold in half. It combines the large screen of a decent modern smartphone, with the portability of an old-school clamshell flip phone. On top of that, the Flip 3 still retains a lot of the high-end features of Samsung’s other smartphone models. You still get a high-quality screen with a very responsive touchscreen, as well as great battery life and one of the best smartphone cameras available on the market. 

On top of that, Samsung has done a lot to improve the Z Flip 3 over previous versions. For one, it’s considerably more durable than its last-generation counterpart. It also features a larger external screen that allows you to more easily manage your notifications and control various different built-in apps. 

Why you should consider the Galaxy S21, on Black Friday 2021 too

While the Flip 3 is certainly appealing, it may be worth considering a Galaxy S21 as well. Because of how new and quirky the Z-series of phones is, they’re more likely to be highly sought after. When it comes to getting your hands on a phone, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ offer comparable performance and features but are much more likely to be available at a decent discount. 

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