Cheapest iPhone 12 Black Friday deals

After an iPhone 12 Black Friday deal? We’ve compiled all of the cheapest available deals for the iPhone 12 this Black Friday season. The Apple iPhone 12 might be a generation behind now with the release of the iPhone 13, but it’s still an incredibly powerful device. With the newer model on the market, we’re starting to see the prices on these phones come way down, making now the perfect time to think about upgrading for anything still stuck with an iPhone X. 

Where to buy an iPhone 12 on Black Friday 2021

The iPhone 12 should be available at all good big-box retailers. Now one of Apple’s older models, you should be able to find the iPhone 12 for a bargain price this year, with many retailers looking to clear out some of their older stock. The iPhone 12 was a big improvement over the iPhone 11 in numerous ways. Firstly, it bought 5G support to the series for the first time, as well as changed up the physical design in a number of ways that made it much nicer to hold and use for an extended period of time. The 12 also featured Apple’s new A14 processor, which is still a very powerful chip when it comes to running everything from streaming applications to games on the go. It’s also a little bit thinner and lighter than the newer model, so if you’re in the market for a phone that prioritizes portability over everything else then the iPhone 12 might just be the way to go. 

How much is an iPhone 12 on Black Friday 2021?

You can expect around a 20% discount off ofthe iPhone 12’s RRP around Black Friday 2021. for the If you’re really in the market for an amazing deal, then it would be foolish to not consider the iPhone 11 as well. There’s a reason that Apple has kept this model as part of their lineup. It’s a solid device that still packs the power where it’s needed for day-to-day usage, but it’s also considerably cheaper than almost any other phone that Apple still sells. The main exception to that rule is Apple’s budget phone the iPhone SE which still runs a little bit cheaper. 

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