Cheapest iPhone 13 Black Friday 2021 deals

The newly released iPhone 13 is a must-have item this Black Friday season, so we’ve compiled all of the best deals that you can find anywhere for this device. It features some of Apple’s greatest innovations of any of the company’s phone updates to date. With a more powerful camera, incredibly efficient processor, and a new physical design that will set this out as a smartphone to beat for many of Apple’s biggest competitors. 

Where to buy an iPhone 13 this Black Friday 2021?

You can expect many retailers and carriers to be stocking the iPhone 13 this Black Friday. One of the most talked-about selling points of the iPhone 13, when it was revealed in mid-September, was the new camera system. Apple claims this is one of their most advanced cameras to date, partially thanks to the way they’ve managed to fit the more advanced cameras into a smaller space thanks to shifting the dual lenses diagonally. Coupled with Apple’s already amazing camera software and you’ve got one hell of a device for anyone who takes a lot of pictures or records a lot of videos. This new camera tech is also coupled with the powerful A15 processor, a more study design than previous phones, and, most importantly, an even longer battery life than previous models. 

How much is an iPhone 13 on Black Friday 2021?

To purchase outright, we expect that the iPhone 13 to be discounted by around $50 this Black Friday. When it comes to finding a great deal, don’t hesitate to look at the last-generation iPhone 12 as well this Black Friday. While it misses out on certain key features, such as the new highly advanced camera, it’s still an amazingly powerful phone and with the iPhone 13 release, it’s also going to see a bigger reduction this November. You still get a really decent battery life, and a really decent camera, as well as Apple’s signature attention to detail and design philosophy, making this an absolute steal. 

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