Cheapest iPhone SE Black Friday Deals

After the best iPhone SE Black Friday deals? We’re assembling a list of exactly where you can get them right here. The iPhone SE is an absolutely stunning budget phone from Apple, combining the company’s great design principles with a much lower price than most of their other offerings. What makes a great budget phone even better is when you can get a great deal on one. That’s why we’ve brought together all of the best deals that you’ll be able to get on an iPhone SE during Black Friday 2021

Will the iPhone SE’s price drop on Black Friday?

Now almost two years old, the iPhone SE is likely to have its price drop on Black Friday as retailers begin to want to sell their stock, potentially in preparation for another model. However, many retailers will instead want you to purchase a slightly more expensive model due to the iPhone SE already being fairly reasonably priced. One of the most attractive things about the iPhone SE is how it manages to pack a lot of the great features of major Apple smartphone devices into a much cheaper package without too many compromises. The SE features a decently powerful Apple A13 processor that delivers on performance where it counts, all without losing out too much on the battery life. It also still features biometric security in the form of fingerprints, so you can be sure that you’ll remain secure even while you’re using a cheaper model of phone. Other advanced features, like Apple Pay, or also still present so you really aren’t missing out on much besides the lower resolution camera and screen, and the less impressive performance of more expensive models. 

How much is an iPhone SE this Black Friday?

The iPhone SE is currently continuously being lowered in price, so we could see it hit around the $250 mark this Black Friday. If you still want a decently powerful phone, but aren’t into the idea of paying a fortune for it, the iPhone 12 is still 100% worth considering. It features a lot of the same stuff that you’d get from an iPhone SE, with some really decent improvements in terms of performance and camera technology. More importantly, because this iPhone is now a couple of years behind in terms of tech, the chances are that you’ll be able to snag one of these babies for an insanely good deal. 

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