Cheapest Mac Mini Black Friday deals

Looking for the best Mac Mini Black Friday deal? We’ve summarised everything that you need to know ahead of the big day. The Mac mini is a great series of home computers from Apple and has been around since 2005, going through several redesigns and upgrades since it first hit the scene. It’s a decently powerful computer, that’s also really easy to unhook from your display and take around with you. This makes it a perfect device for professionals who need the power of a proper desktop machine, with the portability of a laptop, but without the need to actually use the device in transit. We’ve compiled all of the cheapest deals that you’ll find anywhere this Black Friday 2021

Where to buy a Mac Mini on Black Friday

You’ll be able to find the Mac Mini readily available at most good retailers and official Apple distributors. One of the main advantages of the Mac Mini is just how portable it is for a desktop PC. As long as you’ve got a decent but small mouse and keyboard with you, you can just plug it into any display you come across and immediately start using your desktop PC wherever you happen to be. This makes it a perfect companion for anyone who finds themselves staying in hotels a lot for work, but who still needs a decent desktop PC at the same time. It can also be upgraded to feature up to 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB of storage, but even from the get-go features a decent SSD that’ll ensure you’re seeing dramatically improved boot times.

How much is a Mac Mini on Black Friday?

Retailing for $649, we expect to see the Apple Mac Mini come down to around $679 this Black Friday, if at all as this M1-powered mini PC still packs a punch and is also relatively in demand. If you’re more interested in the smaller form factor of the Mac Mini, rather than the portability, you should seriously consider the new 24-inch iMac that Apple recently announced. It has all the power of a regular iMac but comes in the brand new, hyper-slim form factor, as well as a variety of different colors. This means that it can not only fit the aesthetic of wherever you want to put it, but it won’t stand out like a sore thumb either. 

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