Cheapest Macbook Pro 13-inch Black Friday 2021 deals

Looking for the best MacBook Pro 13-inch Black Friday deals? We’ve got you covered. The MacBook Pro 13-inch is a great laptop computer if you need something powerful, but portable. We’ve compiled all of the best deals for this device from the Black Friday 2021 sales so that you don’t have to. With its powerful Apple M1 processor and elegant design inside and out, there are so many reasons why you should take advantage of these great deals while you still can. 

Where to buy a MacBook Pro 13-inch on Black Friday 2021? 

You can expect all good retailers to be stocking the MacBook Pro 13-inch model this Black Friday. Since it’s now been superseded by the 14-inch model, you can expect to see more discounts on this than ever before, subject to the retailers getting in an adequate amount of stock.

There are a lot of reasons why you should be interested in the MacBook Pro 13” this Black Friday season. Firstly, it retains the same power as a larger machine like the 16” Pro but is considerably lighter and more portable. The new M1 processor that a lot of Apple’s updated tech uses has proven to be a huge boon to the company, turning their line of portable products into complete powerhouses that outstrip previous builds without noticeably increasing overheating or power draw. That also means you don’t have to worry about the battery constantly running out on you while you’re working, which is many commuters’ worst nightmare. 

How much will a Macbook Pro 13-inch be on Black Friday 2021?

We expect the MacBook Pro 13-inch to be dropping to around $1000 this Black Friday, it has previously bene discounted to $1100, so we expect it to drop down just a little further as now the 14-inch model has landed. If you’re in the market for a really portable, but still powerful, laptop computer then maybe consider the MacBook Air as well. While it’s not as powerful as the MacBook Pro series, the Air is still powered by the M1 processor and Apple’s most up-to-date operating system, macOS 11. On top of that, it still retains the same great battery life we mentioned previously but is considerably lighter and much easier to carry around with you. If you’re travelling a lot for work, then having something you can both rely on and don’t have to lug around all day, is an absolute must. 

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