Check out these 20 filmmaking gear items you can buy for under $20

For filmmaking and photography there are a lot of expensive pieces of kit out there that we either need to do our jobs or will make our lives easier and save us time in our workflow. But there are also a lot of very inexpensive items out there, too, which can make our quality of life much easier when shooting and working. There are also a bunch of cheap alternatives to expensive gear, too, if you get a little creative.

In this video, Caleb Pike at DSLR Video Shooter walks us through 20 of his favourite filmmaking accessories that each cost less than $20. It includes a variety of tools covering lighting, grip, power and various other aspects. Some of these are things that Caleb’s been using in his workflow for over a decade and still prove useful.

A lot of Caleb’s suggestions are things I have in my own gear bag, too. One thing that’s particularly handy are the USB camera battery chargers, that’ll let you top up from a standard power bank when you’re out filming in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Andoer RGB LED Light
  2. Andycine Monitor Friction Mount
  3. Camera Cube Bag
  4. Desk Light Stand
  5. Magic Friction arm
  6. SmallRig Nano Clamp
  7. Short Light Stand
  8. Mini Ball Head
  9. Projector LED Light
  10. Lens Cups
  11. Microphone Stand
  12. Light Ceiling/Wall Mounts
  13. Domke Wrap
  14. Rapid Baby Adapter
  15. Power Squid
  16. Lamp for Accent Lighting
  17. White Markers
  18. USB Battery Chargers
  19. Monoprice Ultra Slimi HDMI Cable
  20. Angled HDMI Cable

If I were to add anything to Caleb’s list, I’d suggest grabbing a big long roll of 3/4″ wide hook & loop tape. These are fantastic for keeping your cables organised and to stop them all tangling up with each other in your bags when out shooting on location. There’s nothing worse than coming home and having to untangle a couple of dozen cables from each other!

What items under $20 would you suggest that photographers or filmmakers add to their arsenal?

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