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Company of Heroes is a popular, WWII-themed strategy game, which has seen its popularity rise since its initial release in 2006, with Company of Heroes 2 following in 2013. CoH 3 is now on the horizon, with a current release date somewhere in late 2022.

The game’s publisher, Sega, has announced that, despite still being in early development, Company of Heroes 3 is going to open up for the second time for players around the world to help playtest the pre-Alpha. If you want to get involved, you can, and it’s easy and free, so keep reading to find out how to get involved from November 30th, 2021.

CoH3 pre-alpha open to anyone on Steam

Aere Perennius CoH3 Italian map pre-alpha

From November 30th, 2021, players can drop into multiplayer combat in Company of Heroes 3 on Steam. The multiplayer pre-alpha will run until December 6th, 2021, at 8pm PST, so you need to get on it quickly if you want to get a good feel for the new CoH multiplayer combat.

During this time, players will be able to experience four Italian maps while testing out game modes including co-op vs AI, Skirmish vs AI, and competitive PvP. There will be a mix of familiar and all-new features, such as Full Tactical Pause in Skirmish mode, vehicle side armor, and Battlegroups, while players will join one of two classic factions, the US Forces or the Wehrmacht. Other factions, game modes and more are being held back for now, though, so there will be more surprises the closer we get to full release.

Twin beaches CoH3 Italian map pre-alpha

Company of Heroes 3 pre-alpha release date and time

United Kingdom (GMT) November 30th, 2021 — 5pm GMT
America (PST) November 30th, 2021 — 9am PST
America (EST) November 30th, 2021 — 12pm EST

Company of Heroes 3 end date and time

United Kingdom (GMT) December 7th, 2021 — 4am GMT
America (PST) December 6th, 2021 — 8pm PST
America (EST) December 6th, 2021 — 11pm EST

How to sign up for CoH3 multiplayer pre-alpha

The Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Pre-Alpha is available to pre-load on Steam right now, and will then be playable from the above times.

If you are already signed up from the Pre-Alpha Preview in the summer, you’ll be ready to go once the slice is pre-loaded and the release time arrives.

If you have not yet participated in a CoH3 Pre-Alpha, and do not have a CoH-Development account, then you’ll need to sign up over at the Company of Heroes site, linking your Steam account to your new CoH account. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and pre-load the game on Steam.

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