Core SWX NANO Micro 150 Released – Long-lasting, Compact Battery Pack

Core SWX recently introduced the latest addition to their NANO Micro lineup. The Core SWX NANO Micro 150 is a compact and lightweight battery pack with a capacity of 147Wh. Coming in both V-mount and Gold-mount options, it is now available for purchase at $369.

While cinema cameras become smaller and smaller, accessories must follow the trend. This is also true for batteries, even though we don’t want to compromise on camera runtime.

While a 98Wh version of their NANO Micro battery was already available, Core SWX has now added a higher capacity option to their lineup: the Core SWX NANO Micro 150. Let’s take a closer look.

Core SWX NANO Micro: a tiny, long-lasting battery

This new entry model offers a high capacity of 147Wh (14.8V, 9.9 Ah) in a very small form factor. According to the company, it should provide about 5.9 hours of runtime (25W draw). It supports a continuous 12A load with a maximum peak of 16A.

The battery pack is definitely compact and relatively lightweight considering its capacity. It only measures 99.82 x 71.88 x 66.8 mm and weighs 703 g. These numbers make it one of the smallest options on the market today. Both V-mount and Gold-mount alternatives are available.

Core SWX Nano Micro 150
Core SWX NANO Micro 150. Source: Core SWX

Smart features

The design of the NANO Micro 150 is pretty simple and streamlined overall. The battery only features one P-Tap and one 5V USB port. The P-Tap connection has a dual function: it can power 12VDC accessories or act as a charging input for the battery itself.

Despite the simple design, the NANO Micro 150 shares the same smart features as the 98Wh model. A 4-stage LED on the top provides information on charging status, but the battery can also communicate the remaining percentage to almost any camera on the market.

Moreover, the battery can be put into Storage Mode when travelling. However, unlike the smaller 98Wh version, it is not marked as Travel Safe for flight.

Core SWX Nano Micro 150
Core SWX NANO Micro 150 V-mount version. Source: Core SWX

Key features

  • 147Wh (14.8V, 9.9 Ah)
  • 12A continuous draw (16A peak)
  • Approximate runtime: 5.9 hours (25W)
  • V-mount or Gold-mount
  • 1x P-Tap
  • 1x 5V USB
  • 4-stage LED status indicator
  • Camera communication
  • Storage mode
  • Size: 99.82 x 71.88 x 66.8 mm
  • Weight: 703 g
Core SWX Nano Micro 150
Core SWX NANO Micro 150 side view. Source: Core SWX

Price and availability

Overall, this product is a great option if you want to keep the camera package compact without sacrificing on battery life. For example, it can be a great companion for the RED KOMODO when using the Core SWX or TILTA V-mount adapters.

This new model is now available for pre-order on B&H and CVP. The official price reported on the Core SWX website is $369 and it is intended for the battery only. In fact, no charger is included.

Are you looking for a compact V-Mount or Gold-mount battery that can power your camera all day long? Then the Core SWX NANO Micro 150 is worth considering.

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