Craftopia gets graphics update – Tokyo Game Show 2021

Something in particular Xbox wanted to show off during their Tokyo Game Show 2021 live stream was their work with Japanese and other Asian indie developers. The first of these was Japanese Pocketpair, developers of the already popular Craftopia. With the game available on Xbox Game Pass, we were treated to new footage of Craftopia during Xbox’s TGS 2021 Online live stream.

craftopia tgs 2021 online graphics update new trailer

Craftopia is the brainchild of Pocketpair, who wanted to combine aspects from all their favorite games into one cute and colorful multiplayer, survival, action, fantasy sim/RPG. So a bit of everything, then. Combining hunting, farming, building and more into this stunning all-rounder, Pocketpair have created a game that already has a firm following despite still being in early access.

If you’re a fan of games like Minecraft, Zelda, Diablo, Genshin Impact or pretty much any farming sim, then you’re likely to enjoy the Craftopia experience and design. Fish, farm, mine, harvest and build, in either survival or creative mode, and even fight dragons and tame monsters, all possible with your friends in multiplayer.

Xbox TGS 2021 Online Live Stream – Craftopia trailer

During Tokyo Game Show 2021, Xbox showed us new footage for the game which revealed a new graphics update, defining avatars and landscapes and adjusting colors to reveal an even more eye-catching experience.

For the Craftopia trailer, jump ahead in the Xbox Live Stream below to 29:39.

Craftopia – How to play

Craftopia is currently available on Xbox and PC, and is downloadable for free with a current Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate. Remember that the game is still in early development, though, so is subject to change before final release.

Does Craftopia have crossplay?

At present, Craftopia is only cross-platform on Microsoft versions of the game, i.e Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Windows 10. It is available to purchase from Steam as well, but this version is isolated and you will not be able to play with friends on console or Windows 10 versions of the same.

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