Cursed to Golf, Golf’s Roguelike, announced for Switch

The roguelike genre is trending lately with succesful titles like Hades and Dead Cells. The genre even got an AAA title recently in the form of PlayStation 5’s Returnal. A lot of studios are trying to take a ride in this trend and are bringing some crazy ideas. Now, we have a Golf’s Roguelike game dubbed Cursed to Golf. The game has roguelike elements and beautiful pixel art graphics and… golf.

Cursed to Golf is developed by Chuhai Labs and will be published by Thunderful Publishing for the Nintendo Switch. The published has just shared the game’s first trailer today through its YouTube handle.

A Golf Roguelike game is coming for Switch and PC

In Cursed to Golf, we control an unfortunate golfer who suffers a fatal accident moments before taking the shot that would earn him an important international title. Now suffering from a curse, the ghostly protagonist sees himself stuck in Golf Purgatory. As a result, he needs to escape from there by hitting all 18 holes to come back to life and become the greatest golfer ever. Each of the four regions of Golf Purgatory is ruled by a legendary caddy who will assist the Cursed Golfer in his quest for ascension.

With strong inspiration from roguelikes, metroidvanias, and classic golf games, the game mixes characteristic elements of these genres. There are dungeon-like stages to represent the courses where we have to hit the balls in the holes. Furthermore, there are stores where we can buy items to help us overcome the dangers and challenges along the way. Last, but not least the game has a level design that changes with each new attempt. It offers over 80 different possibilities for each of the 18 holes.

Cursed to Golf will reach Switch and PC in 2022.


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