DayZ 1.14 patch notes, bleugh

Aging zombie playground and open-world bastard simulator, DayZ, has just received its much-anticipated 1.14 update, with Bohemia Interactive calling it the “biggest game update of the year”. It brings with it a new passive threat in the form of Contaminated Areas, in which players will have to be properly suited up to not end up seeing their lunches asking for a refund. Also, the 1.14 patch introduces new hunting traps, helicopter crash sites have been updated, there are new bullpup rifle animations, and the frame rate cap for Playstation 5 players has been raised to 60fps.

That all sounds very nice, but it’s hardly “update of the year” material.

Update 1.14 DayZ patch notes


  • Static and dynamically spawning contaminated areas
  • Contamination disease
  • Exhaustible gas mask filter
  • LE-MAS assault rifle and magazine
  • NV-PVS4 Scope
  • New visual effects when wearing specific headgear
  • A yellow variant of the NBC suit
  • PO-X Antidote
  • NBC infected
  • Field hospital at the North-East Airfield (Chernarus)
  • Field hospital at the Lukow Airfield (Livonia)
  • Craftable Tripwire
  • Craftable Fishnet trap
  • Craftable Small fish trap
  • Craftable Snare trap
  • New animal carcasses (can be picked up):
    • Hare
    • Chicken/rooster
    • Sardines
    • Bitterlings
  • Hare leg and pelt
  • New animation for the stealth kill when using one-handed piercing weapon

For full DayZ 1.14 patch notes for PC and console, check out the Bohemia Interactive Studios forum.

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