Dell XPS 13 Cyber Monday Deal 2021


Searching for the best deals on Dell XPS 13 laptops this Cyber Monday? We don’t blame you – Cyber Monday is traditionally the time when laptops, PCs, consoles and other tech tend to reach some of their lowest prices of the year, as retailers drop prices and start the sales. Dell’s series of ultrabooks, the XPS 13, are some of the finest laptops on the market, perfect for work and play and extremely comfortable to carry around thanks to their super-light build.

Buying a Dell XPS 13 on Cyber Monday 2021

We’re anticipating some great deals on the Dell XPS 13 range this Cyber Monday. For the unaware, the XPS 13 is the name for a series of laptop models that Dell constantly refine and refresh – meaning that there are top-of-the-line editions featuring the most powerful processors and components, like the Dell XPS 13 9310, and then the slightly older models like the 2020 Dell XPS 13. 

The difference between the very latest Dell XPS 13 and the models from 2020 and earlier is pretty slight, particularly if you’re looking for an all-purpose laptop rather than one specifically dedicated towards gaming or other high-powered activities. The whole Dell XPS 13 range is extremely light and compact in design, with a large 13.3 inch screen and outstanding long battery life for whether you’re working on the go or relaxing on the sofa watching a movie.

With a variety of different models of Dell XPS 13 laptops, we’re expecting to see plenty of deals from retailers this Cyber Monday, particularly on the 2020 and older editions – but keep an eye out for some of the lowest prices yet on this year’s 9310 model too.

What are the best Dell XPS 13 deals on Cyber Monday?

We’ve got every price drop and deal on the Dell XPS 13 firmly on our radar this Cyber Monday. Here are the latest and greatest deals available. It is worth noting that some of the Dell XPS series stock has already gone with early Black Friday deals active. Keep your options open if you want one of the Dell XPS series options. Also, we will pull through some great Dell deals in general if you’re interested in a variety of options.

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