DICE announce name change for BF2042 skin

Last Updated: November 12, 2021

The skin appears in Boris’ Mastery Tiers, and is called Little Green Man, which DICE say they were not aware was related to a real world issue. As such, they have announced that they will change the skin’s name.

DICE change skin in response to feedback

The developer announced on the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter feed that they were made aware of the issue by a number of players, and thanked users for bringing it to their attention.

While DICE was unaware of the connection, “Little Green Men” is a reference to the real-life Ukrainian crisis of 2014, in which a number of innocent people lost their lives. As such, they have committed to changing the in-game skin name as soon as possible. The name change will come in a future patch.

This goes to show the power that players have in making meaningful changes to their favourite games, and it’s also great to see just how quickly DICE has responded to this issue.

Other Battlefield 2042 issues

BF2042 servers temporarily went down on launch day, as well. Though a fix has been implemented and the issue seems to have been solved for the time being, if you are unable to connect to EA servers or see the ‘Persistence Data’ error, take a look at our guide on resolving the issue.

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