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VideoProc is a combination of everything that developer Digiarty has put out, which includes a video conversion suite, DVD ripper, screen recorder, and video downloader. While it does exactly what it says it’s going to, the big question is whether it’s worth paying for in 2021.

That’s what we’re about to find out as we put it through its paces and deliver our definitive verdict.

VideoProc is a fairly simple piece of software, with a design aesthetic that reminds me of the early 2000s – big chunky buttons, and no fuss. In fact, so little fuss you can’t actually resize the window, which isn’t so bad on a 1080p monitor, but if you’re on a higher resolution – say 4K – it’d be nice to have it blow up a little bit.

What’s really great is the hardware analysis at the start. Digiarty knows its audience and it’s not necessarily going to be someone who is familiar with video codecs or the minutiae of why 4K won’t play on their old graphics card.

It splits it down into a table, indicates what you can and can’t do on your graphics card, and even indicates the differences between two individual cards if you have them installed. In my case, the AMD APU that I’ve got  installed with an NVIDIA GT710 for a secondary monitor (I’m working, not gaming!) were both detected and allowed me to designate what each one could do.

Hardware acceleration

The Hardware Acceleration Engine is touted as Digiarty’s method of smoothing out video playback for high fidelity video. However, when previewing videos I was converting to MP4 from MKV, there was stuttering. This wasn’t a full 1080p HD video either, but a 720p version.

I’m not entirely sure the Hardware Acceleration is much different to Handbrake or similar software. When looking at Windows Task Manager the APU was going all in, but when playing video back in the app, hitches still occurred – even with the video on the NVMe Drive.

Using a Ryzen 3400G, a 720p MKV file (726MB) converted to 720p MP4 at 3.34GB via VideoProc in 33 minutes, while Handbrake took 38 minutes for the same MKV to MP4 at 2.37GB.

Both used presets intended for uploading to YouTube.

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