EA Lock Madden 22 Auction House After Glitch Allows Player To Level Up Rewards, Repeatedly

It’s safe to say that, Madden NFL 22 hasn’t had the best start to life. Pre-orders went live and fans of the game were buzzing to get amongst the game’s new features and graphical offerings. However, since its release, the game has received nothing but bad press, with angry owners of the game flooding forums with complaints about bugs and glitches.

One of the latest issues giving Madden 22 players nightmares is the locked auction room – something Madden actually tweeted about after a potential glitch allowed players to level up rewards, repeatedly.

Madden 22 Auction House Locked

The bug was picked up by the development team pretty quickly, with Madden locking the auction room (and posting the above tweet) shortly after. According to sources, the bug that allowed gamers to level up rewards repeatedly wasn’t available to all accounts but affected all gamers on all platforms.

The bug saw the game show a ‘challenge complete’ and ‘reward players with packs and experience’, continuously – allowing players to effectively hit max level within a couple of hours.

Madden are clearly taking the issue incredibly serious, posting constant updates of the issue on their Twitter and even banning a streamer who continued to exploit the bug.

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