EKSA E910 Wireless Gaming Headset Review


The overall design of the ESKA E910s is quite low-key until the lighting appears on the earcups, giving this a distinct gamer aesthetic. This aesthetic is something that many in the market quite like but I’m a bit more old-fashioned and I prefer subtle designs with my audio products. The headset is almost entirely black, with the inner ear fabric and lighting being a contrasting, vibrant red.


We have a simple metal band that runs from ear to ear, with loads of flex to ensure these sit firmly on your head, without the crushing power we saw from the Sennheiser GSP 670s. The headband and ear cups feature plush padding, while the rest is mostly plastic. Speaking of ear cups, that is where you will see the illuminated red EKSA logo, which to my surprise illuminates red and not purple like the EKSA website and packaging. Anyway, the design of the earcups looks somewhere between the HyperX Cloud Flights and the Corsair HS60s, except these have a perforated convex shell that is a bit of an acquired taste.


Build Quality

The E910s feel sturdy, they aren’t going to fall off your head, however, if they did, they feel robust enough to survive the fall. The band, as previously mentioned, has a good amount of flex in it, the same as any other similarly priced headset. The padding feels great on both the headband and ear cups but the cups could do with a more premium foam going in there. They do a great job, however, they just lack a bit of substance/ feel a bit empty. In all fairness though, the padding keeps my large ears from touching the inner wall and they feel comfortable, so pretty good really.


The only areas for concern in build quality were with the adjustment feature on the headband, the microphone, and the control buttons. The adjustment of the ear cups is minimal but that isn’t an issue – my head is pretty big and these fit no problem. The extension mechanism sits behind some plastic and feels a bit rickety, with it being really difficult to use the incremental steps.


The microphone, which I will touch upon a bit more later, has great functionality but I’m unsure about the bulky housing it sits in. Lastly, the control buttons are a little bit hard to find when the headset is on and they look and feel low quality.


The headset is pretty light, in fact, one of the lightest headsets I’ve tested but is supremely comfortable when compared to the lightweight Astro A10’s or HyperX Stingers. The padded headband does just enough to keep these comfortable for quite some time, as does the plush ear cups. One thing to note is how hot my ears were after two hours of use. I had to have a break to let my ears breathe but other than that, these are very comfortable.


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