EKSA GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review


The box is a step up from EKSA’s normal offering, which is souped up with a magnetically clasping box, which opens to reveal the charging case nestled in a cardboard housing. We’d have liked to have seen more packing material in the box, as there is some cause for concern for damage while it’s in transit to you

Connecting the GT1 earbuds to your Bluetooth device of choice is a streamlined and simple process, it takes no longer than around 10 seconds. Just open the case, grab one of the earbuds and open the Bluetooth menu on your device, and press “GT1”. That’s it, that’s the extent of the work required to connect them. If you need to clear the saved devices from the earbuds themselves, just hold the textured section of the earbud for ten seconds and repeat the pairing process. It’s uncomplicated and works just as you’d expect them to, which can’t be said for every device we’ve tested.



The EKSA GT1 Cobra’s design is an example of true commitment to a chosen aesthetic. As the name might hint, the GT1s are all about snakes. The charging case resembles a robotic cobra head with light-up teeth to indicate the charge level of the case. Totally radical, dude. Opening the mouth reveals the earbuds, each taking the form of a little baby robot cobra proudly standing up, this time with laser eyes to indicate communication status. Who doesn’t want laser eyes telling them what the battery status is?!

Sneaking functionality into the aesthetic isn’t easy and EKSA has done well here. Additionally, the touch controls are well designed and intuitive. However, there is significant lag between tapping to pause/play and having it actually pause, which can be infuriating. The touch controls use simple, easy-to-remember patterns, however, they can be a little finicky and take a while to master.

The design is punchy and unapologetically capital-G Gamer, with plenty of lights and sharp angles. Those looking for an innocuous set of earbuds should steer well clear, those who love the ‘gamer’ look and edge, read on.

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