Every map currently available in Battlefield 2042

Last Updated: November 12, 2021

Every Battlefield 2042 map is now listed on EA’s official BF2042 site. There are seven new maps to check out in Battlefield 2042, and currently six classic maps from historical BF games that can be utilized in the new Portal mode.

The Battlefield 2042 maps have been designed with the new player quantity in mind. With 128 players able to drop in to every match, these maps needed to be big enough, and hold enough unique areas to support different combat styles. Do note, though, that massive-scale maps and 128 player lobbies are exclusive to PC and next-gen consoles. Current-gen consoles will remain at 64 players max.

Battlefield 2042’s new maps


BF2042 Breakaway map

Located on an oil rig in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, Breakaway is a map that will require strategic gameplay. Littered with fuel tanks and silos, this icy map will allow you to fully utilize your surroundings, as you can destroy the explosive tanks to create debris fields and permanent fires.


With battle taking place on a discarded freight ship abandoned on India’s west coast, there are a number of strategic areas to hide, plan and ambush. Be aware of the surrounding sandstorms, though, as you take out opponents aboard this magnificent ship.


BF2042 hourglass map

As you fight in a city in sand-covered Qatar that has long been deserted, you must be careful of dust storms that will cover the area and affect your vision. Your darkened surroundings can provide the opportunity for additional cover, as can the vehicles now part-buried in the sand, but beware of others with the same idea.


This South Korean concrete jungle leaves little space between skyscrapers, so your squad will need eyes on every level and every corner. Perfectly manicured parkspace does provide some open space, but negotiating this location could leave you open to a number of viewpoints.


BG2042 Manifest map

Tropical storms are frequent in this trade location on Singapore’s Brani Island. Another map filled with areas for tactical cover, both from enemy teams and the encroaching storms, you’ll find yourself in close-combat with enemies while navigating your way round masses of freight containers.


Another dynamic map in which storms can move in at any time, Orbital will put you at the site of a rocket launch. With the rocket preparing to launch at any moment, and wild storms closing in, expect the sound of gunfire to be near obliterated by these harsh surroundings.


BF2042 Renewal map

Quite literally a map of two halves, Renewal will see you drop in either side of a giant wall. Make sure your squad is ready to head to the wall as quickly as possible and prepare for battle as you secure the multiple access points in the lengthy wall.

Battlefield 2042 lore

You can find out even more about the seven 2042 maps and how they fit into the Journey of the No-Pats by reading the in-depth Battlefield 2042 story on ea.com. Learn how each map plays its part in the overarching story, and how the varying global locations are all connected.

Battlefield Portal’s historical maps

Battlefield’s Portal mode is new to 2042 and will allow players to create their own BF2042 experiences. Make your own rules in games created within any of the above maps, or any of the six classic Battlefield maps below.

Arica Harbor

Arica Harbor BF2042 map

Originally from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Arica Harbor is a map based in the north of Chile and is littered with stranded vehicles which you and your squad can use to your advantage as you traverse this dusty port.

Battle of the Bulge

Going back 100 years to Battlefield 1942, Battle of the Bulge will now allow you to merge the old-school infantry of early-1900s warfare with the latest technology of 2042 combat. In another vehicle-centric map, the varied terrain of Battle of the Bulge will provide a mix of combat options as you negotiate both dense forests and open fields.

Caspian Border

This classic Battlefield map first appeared in BF3 and is possibly the most vehicle-heavy of them all. If vehicular warfare is your thing, then Caspian Border is a no-brainer for creating the ultimate Battlefield Portal experience.

El Alamein

Caspian Border BF2042 map

This explosive map once again takes us back to the battlefields of 1942, where mines are both your best friends and your worst enemy. Once the showground of an intense battle between German and British forces, El Alamein is the perfect place to utilise classic weapons and vintage vehicles.

Noshahr Canals

Take to the waters of the Iranian coast as you battle on BF3’s Noshahr Canals. This is a map which lends itself to close-combat, so use this to your advantage if your squad likes to fight up close and dirty, and ensure your loadout is right for the fight.


Valparaiso BF2042 map

From Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Valparaiso is a greener and sunnier map than most of the others in Battlefield Portal. The jungle shacks surrounding you in this warm Chilean jungle provide a great place to regroup and strategize, but don’t give much space for combat if you’re discovered. With a range of terrains available, this map will truly test your squad’s planning, preparation and loadout.

Which of these Portal maps are you most excited to see back in the Battlefield roster? Let us know in the comments below!

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