Evolve Galarian Yamask into Runerigus in Pokémon Go

Part 2 of Pokémon Go’s Halloween event started on October 22nd. While Galarian Yamask remains obtainable through hatching 7km eggs, it is now also appearing in 1-star raids. This means your chances of catching a strong one are better than ever before. If you have got a great Galarian Yamask, you’re probably wondering how to evolve it into a Runerigus… and we’re here to help.

Galarian Yamask

evolve galarian yamask pokemon go
Galarian Yamask

Both Yamask and Galarian Yamask are now available in 1-star raids, so in case you’re not sure of the difference, let’s cover that first.

Both variants of Yamask have a dark background. As a spirit, Yamask carries a mask which is said to show the face of the person it once was when still human. In Pokémon Shield, we are then told that the ancient clay tablet which Galarian Yamask carries is cursed, and was drawn to a vengeful spirit. As such, we can assume that any Galaran Yamask contains the spirit of a resentful and unforgiving human. This makes sense, given its evolved form is known as the Grudge Pokémon. However, Pokémon Sword tells us that the slab is consuming Yamask’s dark power. Either way, this is yet another Pokémon with a sad backstory.

If you’re looking for a Yamask to evolve into Runerigus, make sure you find the one carrying a slab as opposed to a golden mask. The slab-carrying ghost is the Galarian variant, while the mask-carrying ‘mon will evolve into Cofagrigus.

How to evolve Runerigus in Pokémon Go

Once you have caught a Galarian Yamask that you wish to evolve into Runerigus, you will see that you have to adventure with the Pokémon before evolution is possible. The Pokémon Company and Niantic are bringing more and more special evolution requirements into Pokémon Go as more monsters are added to the game. This makes sense as it keeps in line with what we know of evolution from other games and the anime.

evolve galarian yamask runerigus pokemon go

Galarian Yamask special evolution requirements

The special requirement for Runerigus is to win ten raids. Of course this could take a while depending on how frequently you raid and whether you’re a free-to-play player only. Either way, there’s no rush to evolve Galarian Yamask as this evolution will still be possible even after the Halloween event ends.

The main thing to note, though, is that you will need Galarian Yamask to be your buddy when you carry out these raids, or they won’t count towards your total. And make sure that your buddy is the very same Yamask you are wanting to evolve, as the adventure doesn’t carry over. While Galarian Yamask is your buddy, every raid you win will count towards your total. Upon reaching ten wins – and we hate to keep on about it, but with your Yamask as your buddy – the Evolve button will be clickable! Don’t forget you’ll also need to have 50 Yamask Candies in the bank as well.

Cofagrigus evolution

If you are after Coffin Pokémon Cofagrigus, you’ll need to evolve the normal Yamask variant. This is a much easier evolution, as you’ll only need a normal Yamask, and 50 Yamask Candies. No special requirement involved!

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