Far Cry 6 Co-Op Not Working – How To Fix

With Far Cry 6 being an open-world game, like all others in the genre, there are funny bugs, glitches, and wonky textures. However, while these usually aren’t so game-breaking, one that has been plaguing those who want to enjoy Far Cry 6 with their friends, or random players online, is co-op not working.

However, don’t fret! There are potential fixes, hopefully getting you around all the Bookworm and Trapper errors, as well as simply not being able to matchmake. Below, we’ll discuss these details so you can happily get some Yara action with your pals without any more teething problems.

How To Fix Far Cry 6 Co-Op Not Working

far cry 6 co op fix

If you’re having trouble joining a co-op Far Cry 6 session, hosting one, or simply just trying to accept an invite, the age-old restarting your game trick could be the solution you’re looking for. This has proven to work for many players, even if it is a little bit inconvenient. A more simple solution could be that any co-op session that has started or created, should be canceled or left. Then, try and rejoin and you should be able to get into Far Cry 6 co-op.

If these two fixes don’t come to your rescue, there is one final roll of the dice. Check if there are any updates for your Far Cry 6 game. This is something that causes a lot of titles issues so there’s no reason why Far Cry 6 will be the exception, especially when it comes to online matchmaking.

Hopefully one of the above solutions will solve your Far Cry 6 co-op not working problem and if not, reach out to Ubisoft support via this link and one of the team should get back to you.

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