Far Cry 6 preload and release times

Those who are eager to have Far Cry 6 ready to play when the game launches will be keen to know when they can start downloading the game files and have it ready to go. The good news for many is that you can start your preload now and be among the first to step foot on Yara when visitors are welcomed to the island from October 7! 

Far Cry 6 preload schedule

Far Cry 6 is available to preload right now on Xbox Series consoles and Xbox One. At midnight tonight (October 5), PC and Playstation will also be able to download the game files to their respective platforms ahead of the game launching at midnight October 7.

Far Cry 6 file size

On PC Far Cry 6 takes up 60GB of drive space as a minimum, with an additional 37GB for higher resolution textures (1440p or above). The download size on console ranges from 38GB to 54GB, depending on the generation of the console. This does not take account of any day one patches, which are yet to deploy.

Far Cry 6 release times

Far Cry 6 is expected to become playable on October 7, from midnight local time across all territories.  

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