Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity – Descend into the Rogue-like mind of Vaas

Ubisoft has announced it is launching the first major DLC content for Far Cry 6 on November 16. Vaas, the legendary villain from Far Cry 3, returns in Far Cry 6, with the Vaas Insanity DLC offering players a fresher look at chaos manifest himself.

When Vaas Insanity drops, players get to play as Vaas, who plays the central role in a brand-new experience inspired by the rogue-lite genre. Those who get their hands on the DLC will start with a pistol and nothing else. From there, it is the player’s job to climb the ranks of the Far Cry 6 arsenal, getting better and better weapons in traditional Rogue-like fashion. As you progress, you’ll get new weapons and even upgrades and powerups, helping you travel even deeper into Vaas’ Insanity. While on your journey through his insane thoughts, you’ll get to experience deeper storytelling on the character, showcasing the man’s trauma and other more humane aspects of his life.

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity is the first part of the Season Pass content roadmap for Far Cry 6. Players who own the Season Pass will be able to get their hands on the DLC for free. If you are not a Season Pass holder, you can get yourself Ubnisoft Plus, which provides access to Far Cry 6 and its DLC while you’re subscribed. The Ubisoft+ subscription will cost you £12.99 a month, translating to $14.99 and €14.99 for US and EU customers.

Vaas Insanity is the first of four DLC seasons, with the next three featuring Pagan, followed by Joseph, and then another Far Cry Blood Dragon DLC. For more information, visit the Far Cry 6 website and find out all there is to know about Far Cry 6.

Feature image via Ubisoft.

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