Far Cry 7 – What we know so far – Online, multiplayer rumors

Chances are your download of Far Cry 6 is just coming to its conclusion, but already we are seeing leaks and conspiracy theories about Far Cry 7. Now that might seem a little far-fetched at this ridiculously early stage but ours is not to reason why.

Early rumors and internet chatter suggest that Far Cry 7 could be heading towards a more multi-player based approach and a totally different game mechanic, but if we know Ubisoft like we know Ubisoft, then we are pretty sure you could never accuse them of being a publisher who likes to make radical pivots away from a successful format, and that’s putting it kindly.

For Far Cry 7 to veer away so dramatically from the tried-and-tested sandbox formula of the series would be a gamble indeed, no much more likely, we believe is that we may see a spin-off set within the same Far Cry ecosystem that broadens out the gameplay in a different direction.

It’s not something we haven’t seen before, they did do a dinosaur version of Far Cry after all, so they do have form for a leftfield plotline already.

Rumors of at least something different in the pipeline have been lurking for a few months after Bloomsberg journo Jason Schreier stated in a podcast: “From what I have heard, if I remember correctly, they’re aiming to go in a radically different direction for Far Cry after Far Cry 6.”

Whether Schreier turns out to be on the money or not doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking about the next game in the series though. There might be room to sneak a spin-off in, to pep things up a little, especially with multiplayer action in the sense we are used to not being present in Far Cry at the moment.

We have seen this week with the Ghost Recon franchise that PvP spinoffs are something Ubisoft is happy to go full steam ahead with and it will be something we are sure will have been discussed at some point, but even with Far Cry 6 reviews suggesting that the formula is perhaps getting a little stale, this certainly does not prove that a radical change is in the offing.

Perhaps the biggest clue however that at least something is the offing came from a comment made by Ubisoft’s CFO Frederick Duguet who said in a recent earnings call to investors in May: “In line with the evolution of our high-quality line-up that is increasingly diverse, we are moving on from our prior comment regarding releasing 3-4 premium AAAs per year,”

The plot thickens, we still don’t think this will be Far Cry 7 though but we certainly wouldn’t bet against a spin-pff Ghost Recon style at this stage.

As ever, more as we get it.

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