Film Fridays: New film alert

Nothing makes us happier than hearing about a cool new analog film stock coming to market. And while No Color Studio‘s No.5 film isn’t actually new – the emulsion was produced by Kodak in the 1980s and intended for use with specialized archiving machines – it’s probably new to the average analog geek. No Color Studio is essentially breathing new life into a long-forgotten/ignored stock.

As the name suggests, this is a super-slow ISO 5 film and promises to offer a punchy, high contrast B&W look, with very little visible grain. We imagine it’d be a great choice for landscape work, or pretty much any environment in which you might use a tripod. And better yet, the emulsion is orthochromatic and can be developed and handled under a red safelight.

No Color Studio, which is based in Lithuania, is only shipping rolls to Europe right now, and there’s no word yet on North American distribution. Priced at ~$6.50 a roll, it’s affordable enough to experiment with, assuming you can get your hands on some.

Our pals over at Kosmo Foto have a bit more info on the new emulsion; click the link below to read on and view some samples.

Read – New film brand No Color Studio launches with ISO 5 film

About Film Fridays: We recently launched an analog forum and in a continuing effort to promote the fun of the medium, we’ll be sharing film-related content on Fridays, including articles from our friends at 35mmc and KosmoFoto.

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