Filmstro Unlocks New Pricing – Lifetime License For $189

Filmstro Unlocks New Pricing – Lifetime License For $189

Filmstro is an audio product that is a bit difficult to categorize: it presents pieces of music and allows you, the composer or user – you don’t need to be musical, only creative – to power your video’s narrative through what have been analysed to be the three constants in music structure: momentum, depth and power. You manipulate these three parameters to suit the video. It’s like library music that lives.

Now, the company has taken the bold step of offering a lifetime license, including all current and future updates, for $189. There’s method to this potential madness as the feeling is that creators are starting to reject the subscription model and are perhaps looking for buy-outs. Read more about our Filmstro coverage here.

The new Filmstro lifetime license details (image credit: Filmstro)

SAAS means software as a service; investors like this as a business plan as you can forecast revenue due to sign-ups. However, Filmstro now apparently believes that this does not suit the creator and that subscription fatigue is setting in. So, best to dump subscription now rather than see it dwindle over time without a solution to counter it.

This is bold marketing as you’re cutting off regular income via subscription and betting that your customers will stay with you and spend a couple of hundred dollars for the privilege. It will certainly keep the CFO awake at night as the Emails go out to their customers with the new offer. But if you didn’t have such a unique product you perhaps wouldn’t try it.

How Filmstro works

Co-founder of Filmstro Sebastian Jaeger got inspiration for Filmstro partly from Apple’s market-leading Logic Pro X music software:

They had a really cool plug-in, which came as standard, called the ‘drummer’. With a very simple X-Y pad people could choose between ‘upfront and busy’ and ‘laid-back and quiet’, that kind of thing. It did switch a light bulb on and I thought that’s genius, if you could do that for a whole orchestra effectively and give ordinary people the chance to manipulate music in a really simple and intuitive way, that would be pretty special.

Three constants in music structure are Momentum, Depth and Power. You can keyframe them in Filmstro. (image credit: Filmstro)

His idea then was to couch this choice in terminology that creatives would react to. “Talking about music is incredibly difficult and subjective and so I had this idea of splitting out a piece of music in to different elements and I had labelled those elements using visual arts terminology.

Things like ‘canvas’, ‘outline’, ‘color’ and ‘shading’. I ran it past a bunch of people and one of the early pieces of feedback was, ‘this is fine but you got to make it way simpler’.

Hot shot track star

Descriptions of how Filmstro works doesn’t really do it justice. When you start using it, the penny drops almost immediately and this de-construction of picking music for video become insanely addictive. You do start thinking you’re a hot shot composer after a few minutes.


The new licensing agreement offers you the following benefits:

  • Unlimited exports and customisation with the Filmstro App.
  • Unlimited use in everything from YouTube video to worldwide theatrical releases.
  • Worldwide cover, no copyright strikes and cleared forever.
  • New music added every week – request your own and we add it at no further cost!
  • Buy once, use forever – no ongoing subscription or recurring payments.

Filmstro is available as a standalone App and as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. There’s a free demo available on their site and I encourage you to download it so you can understand its potential.

Link: Website

Are you a subscriber to creative software? Are you tiring of the continual payments and looking for a different way to pay? Let us know in the comments below.

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