Five more ways to annoy a professional photographer

There are some things that make photographers nuts. Interestingly enough, people tell them so very often! After reflecting on three ways to annoy a professional photographer, Justin Mott shares five more. Do they sound familiar?

1.“Do you have any shots of…?”

After you’ve sent photos, the client messages you and asks if you have any shots of things that you hadn’t even agree upon. Especially if the client was with you all the time and saw what you did.

2. “The last time we did a shoot…”

A client or a person from the marketing team telling you something like “The last time we did the shoot, the photographer did it this way.” Non-photographers often don’t understand that every photographer has their own process. And each of them will result in the images the client saw when they decided to hire the photographer.

3. “We need the images now!”

Last time changes happen, and your clients will sometimes ask you to deliver the photos sooner than you had agreed. Justin doesn’t have a problem with that, but with the attitude people often have, demanding that the photos get delivered sooner. A “please” or a “thank you” wouldn’t kill ya, you know?

4. “Where’s the ‘wow factor?’”

First, think about whether your product has the “wow factor.” And second, what does that even mean? When you don’t like the result, you need to be specific about what you don’t like so that some changes can be made. Otherwise, it’s impossible to work it out.

5. “Can you make me look skinny?”

This is especially frustrating in the cases when a bride asks you to do it, considering that she’s in all of the gazillion photos you’ll edit and send. The problem occurs when clients get mad at photographers for not making them look skinnier, but it’s really not a photographer’s fault if someone’s unhappy with their appearance.

Have you heard any of these from your clients? And how do you deal with them?


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