Fortnite – ‘Wrath of the Cube Queen’ Halloween Event brings back Ariana Grande

Fortnite’s Halloween event is returning from today and with it comes Ariana Grande. The superstar singer has already featured in a Fortnite virtual concert but now the diminutive pop princess is officially part of the game with her own quest and everything.

Starting today and continuing on until November 2nd The Wrath of the Cube Queen as the event is named this time around and it all revolves around the cubes that are now scattered all around the island in the game.

Epic Games are describing the event as: “You’ve come across the cubes and fought back the cube monsters, but a new force has joined their ranks: Caretakers are the Cube Queen’s strongest warriors yet. Tall, foreboding, shadowy apparitions, their spectral tendrils pull you directly into the sideways for a showdown on their home turf. Survive a Caretaker’s assault and you’ll walk away all the richer.

Halloween events in Fortnite have become a big thing with the game’s player base and it is interesting that Epic has decided to go all-in by using a global superstar to propel it further into the gaming stratosphere.

The event also sees the return of the Horde Rush Mode as well as quests for some of the other characters.

Ariana’s character called Spacefarer Ariana Grande will feature in a quest hunting monsters. Sounds interesting enough!

Alongside Ariana Epic Games has also added a brilliant Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and Frankenstein’s Monster to all add to the spooky feel of the main event. 

Epic has also announced Shortnitemares which will be Fortnite’s third short film festival to enjoy during the Halloween event.

Halloween night is certainly going to be a creepy one if you are a fan of Fortnite. And if you like Ariana Grande then it is a double win for you!

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