Fotodiox Background Kits Announced – Chroma Keying and Diffusion Made Easy

Fotodiox Background Kits Announced – Chroma Keying and Diffusion Made Easy

These new Fotodiox Background Kits are an affordable way to chroma key your talent . They help hide that messy room behind you , or diffuse harsh lighting for a studio quality look in a flash . The company offers multiple sizes and fabrics to choose from .

Designed with a rigid metal frame that quickly slides together , the Fotodiox Complete Portable Background Kit creates a sturdy structure . This makes it easier to stretch out the backgrounds to eliminate wrinkles that wreak havoc in post for keying .

Easy setup and breakdown

This fast and simple system is assembled by snapping the metal tubes together to make the frame . After that , just secure the fabric to the frame with velcro strips .

Setup times are dramatically faster than conventional professional solutions but with a quality to match . It really doesn ’ t get any easier than that , and it even comes with a storage bag .

Fotodiox Background Kits
Attaching Fabric Backdrop . Image Credit : Fotodiox

The rig is built up from a solid frame rather than relying on a collapsible , pop – up scheme and this allows the Fotodiox Complete Portable Background Kit to freely stand on its own through the use of integrated feet . Other pop – up systems require additional stands to hold the backgrounds in place . That means there is more equipment to drag around and a larger space is needed to film .

image credit : Fotodiox

These Fotodiox frames can also be mounted to c – stands to modify lights for more stylistic interviews and shots .

Fotodiox Background Kits pricing and availability

Fotodiox is currently selling their Complete Portable Background Kit through their site in 5 different flavors . Pricing options range from $ 49 . 95 to $ 99 . 95 .

Fotodiox Background Kits
Image Credit : Fotodiox

Fotodiox products have been making a splash in the industry for their affordability and quality . Recently , we were very impressed with their Warrior 150 and 300 Daylight LED Lights.

Fotodiox Background Kits
Fotodiox diffusion material . Everything you need , in one bag . Image credit : Fotodiox

Whether you ’ re filming interviews on location , keying a messy room for broadcasting your game play , or digitally transporting yourself to an exotic location , having a solid and versatile background an important first step and that is exactly what Fotodiox has done with their new line of background kits .

What do you think of these ? Would these portable brackdrops help you improve your workflow ? Share your experience below in the comments !

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