Free apps for iOS & Android: Get these Pro versions for free!

Which apps are currently free for iOS and Android? Over here at NextPit, we scour the Google Play Store and the AppStore twice a week for reduced or even free promotions for Pro versions of apps. This Saturday, you can also look out for free Pro versions of top drawer apps as well as exciting mobile games to keep you occupied on the move. Don’t waste any more time as these offers are normally valid only for a short period time.

Everyone knows that the Google Play Store and Apple App Store contain free and paid apps! However, not everyone knows that both Apple and Google sometimes lower the price of paid mobile games and apps and heck, even offer them for free. Hence, this article is not about free apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, but about free stuff that would normally cost you something!

Here is a handy tip before we begin. If you have found something that you like below but your smartphone lacks the necessary storage space, why not download and install the app before uninstalling it? This way, you will be able to download the same app for free in the future.

Free apps and mobile games for Android

Free apps in the Google Play Store

  • NFC EMV Card Reader ($3.99): An app for reading NFC or EMV cards.
  • Snipback ($2.99): The “Snipback” app is one app that keeps on appearing in our free app article. This is a very clever voice recorder app!
  • Alpha Backup Pro ($5.99): With the “Alpha Backup Pro” app, you will get a comprehensive tool to back up your smartphone data. The application is currently available completely free of charge in the Google Play Store.
  • How much can I spend? ($2.99): (Only until Monday) How much money did you spend on groceries this month? If you had downloaded this app a few weeks ago, you could easily find out that answer now.
  • OneUI Icon Pack ($0.49): (Only until Monday) Samsung introduced new foldable devices this week and with the OneUI Icon Pack, you can have the Samsung look on your smartphone!
  • Pro MP3 Player – Qamp ($0.99): (Only until Sunday) Here’s a feature-packed audio player for your smartphone. The Pro version will obviously lose all the irritating ads!

Mobile Games for Android

  • GeoGame 2 ($1.99): GeoGame is a mobile clone of the popular GeoGuessr. You have been dropped somewhere in the world and will have to find out where you are currently. It is really fun!
  • 4Goats Forever ($0.99): 4Goats Forever is a multiplayer game that you can play using a single device. Definitely a cool game to try at boring parties.
  • Truth or Dare Pro ($3.99): Do you remember Truth or Dare back in your schooldays? Relive your youth with this mobile game!
  • AceSpeeder 3 ($0.99): (Ends this Sunday) Speaking of your youth, do you remember “F-Zero” on the SNES? If so, you can install a similar futuristic racing game on your mobile for free.
  • Manoir ($3.99): (Ends this Sunday) Have you ever wanted to be a bean and fight your way through 2D levels? If so, there’s a free download in the form of a mobile game that caters to that weird scenario.
  • Hills Legend: Action horror ($0.99): Hills Legend is a horror game that is supposed to remind us of “The Hills have Eyes”. Does it execute that idea well? Find out for free!
  • The House: Action-Horror ($0.49): Want to give yourself a good scare? Try it out today since it won’t cost you a single penny.
  • Brain Game – Find 5X ($2.49): Brain Game – Find 5X is a mobile game with rather crappy graphics, but to provide a wider variety of genres, I have decided to include it on this list.

Free Apps and mobile games for iOS

  • SNMP & SSH Terminal ($4.99): Kicking things off for iOS devices this week is the #1 developer tool! So go ahead and download!
  • Reverse Vid ($5.99): Want to play your videos backwards frequently? Download the app “Video Reverse” for your iPhone or iPad!
  • PushFit Pro ($1.99): PushFit is an app that helps you keep track of your regular pushup schedule. This fitness app would normally cost $2!
  • Direction compass with maps ($1.99): Get the top 30 best navigation app for iOS for free!
  • Tahir App – Text on Image ($1.99): Tahir puts text on images for you without having to launch Gimp or Photoshop.
  • Lilium Income ($1.99): A finance app that shines with Siri support!
  • Scanner ($1.99): Hold your iPhone camera over selected text and have it scanned automatically. This is really handy when it comes to handling your tax returns.
  • DayCircle ($0.99): DayCircle is an app that lets you capture important events.
  • Dubcut ($0.99): A video editing app that lets you finally unleash the power of your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Plus, there’s a cool text-to-speech feature.

Free iOS Games

  • TreeHole Adventure ($0.99): Here’s a game inspired by comic book drawings that is set in a tree. I wonder just which curious animals would fit in there?
  • Barbershop! ($0.99): Enjoy running a barbershop in this highly pixelated graphical adventure.
  • Tusker’s Number Adventure ($2.99): According to the developer, this game is NOT meant for kids! So if you are over 18 years old, you can download it on your smartphone.
  • KungFu King ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): As the name suggests, this game is all about martial arts.
  • Heads up! Charades for kids ($0.99): Do you like to play charades? Then you can download this game for free. While this game has been designed for children, adults can also join in!
  • Planet Puzzle ($0.99): An educational game for both parents and children. There are in-app purchases for all other planets, although the game itself is free. So what are you waiting for? Download the game!

Last but not least, we’d like to point out that the offers presented on this page all have an expiration date. If you find an app that is no longer available for free, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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