Free apps of the week: Hurry up, these 31 paid apps are temporarily free!

You’re looking for free apps? Then you’re in luck! As always on Tuesdays, here’s our first NextPit list of the week with apps and games for Android and iOS that are temporarily free. Be sure to grab these apps and games quickly on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store while you can.

As we come to the end of a very summery week (at least here in Berlin), things are getting pretty hot in this post as well. You should check our list right away and, if necessary, also pull everything that is interesting for you on your smartphone. As always, the offers here are all free for a short time only and if you’re too late, you’ll be punished with paid apps.

As every week, here’s our reminder: install interesting apps and games even if you don’t want to use them right now. By installing them, they’re added permanently to you library. So you can delete them again and reinstall them for free whenever you need them.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for Android

These Android apps are currently free

  • Audio Recorder ($0.99): Records audio in WAV or AAC (MPEG-4 audio) formats.
  • Float Tube ($0.99): Lets you watch YouTube on your smartphone as a floating window. Exciting for older Android versions that are still without this feature.
  • QR / Barcode Scanner PRO ($2.49): Versatile and well-rated scanner for QR codes and barcodes that also lets you create codes yourself.
  • Password Manager ($0.99): Well rated (4.6 stars) password manager that can be used offline.
  • Milky Launcher Pro ($4.99): An alternative Android launcher that you can download for free. Perfect if you don’t like the look of your system.
  • Speed Math 2018 – Pro ($0.99) (ends July 5): Is it an app or a game? Doesn’t matter, right? Have we suggested it to you before, and it’s still available for free.

These Android games are currently free

  • Cytus II ($1.99) (incl. in-app purchases): Music game where you have to unravel the events of a futuristic world where music is much more than just entertainment.
  • The House ($0.99): Gritty and ad-free first-person shooter that takes on the horror genre.
  • Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse ($0.99): First-person shooter that once again pits you against zombies.
  • DungeonCorp ($1.99) (contains ads and in-app purchases): Survive in a company full of demonic challenges.
  • Rogue Hearts ($0.99): Action role-playing game in the best Diablo style. Fight and slaughter your way through dungeons.
  • Everybody’s RPG ($0.99) (contains ads and in-app purchases): PvP and single player battles in an RPG in the traditional style of the 16-bit generation.
  • King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline ($0.99): Nice TD game where you can combine two different towers to get a new one with its own features.
  • WindWings Premium ($1.99) (contains ads and in-app purchases): Shoot ’em up with additional elements in the premium version.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOS

These iOS apps are currently free

  • Stream Music Player ($1.99): This music player lets you play your music directly from your cloud storage, so Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, for example.
  • Waterly ($4.99): That there are apps that remind us to drink water  make sense to me. Why this one normally costs $4.99, however, I do not understand. Anyway, right now it’s free!
  • Klipped ($0.99): Goodbye distractions! Get your ideas on the screen without having to worry about notifications and other stuff (perfect for those who already want to test the focus mode in the beta of iOS 15).
  • Pack the Bag Pro ($1.99): List tools abound, this one is specifically for your luggage. Never forget an important item when packing your suitcase again!
  • WaterDo ($0.99): Speaking of lists, here’s another app for to-do lists. Special in this one: Tasks are displayed as a water bubble, which you can let burst nicely when you have completed the task.
  • Propfun Pro ($0.99): “The funniest app in the world,” it says in the description. That’s probably a gross exaggeration, but it’s certainly enough for funny effects on your photos.
  • OptimumU: Health & Fitness ($9.99): This app would like to be a fitness and health all-purpose weapon, tracking your diet and workouts, offering diet diary and breathing exercises, and keeping track of your mood as well.
  • YoWindow Weather ($2.99): Nice weather app that shows you a realistic landscape on the screen with the exact current weather. If it rains outside, it rains on your iPhone. If you scroll into the future, you’ll see the upcoming weather on the display.
  • It’s about Time ($0.99): This app is a very simple, plain, full-screen clock. You can configure the display according to size, font and color and thus create a nice home office clock.

These iOS games are currently free

  • Chinese Checker Master ($2.99): Challenge the computer in this board game with simple graphics.
  • Flappy Me ($0.99): A Flappy Bird clone where you must stop the piggy from turning into Bacon!
  • Office Story ($3.99): Here you live the “rags to riches” dream again and can build your own business empire.
  • Winterlore I ($0.99): This adventure with mystical, folkloric touches and fine graphics takes you to Moroi Springs.
  • War of Eclipse ($0.99): If you’re into retro graphics, then this game might be for you. You’re up against aliens in this genre-mix of action, adventure and role-playing.
  • Rogue Hearts ($0.99): We’ve already recommended this one for Android above. This action role-playing game is also currently free for iOS.
  • Attack Balls ($0.99): Here we are dealing with one of the countless bubble shooters that exist on this planet.
  • Cytus II ($1.99) (contains in-app purchases): a music game where you have to unravel the events of a futuristic world where music is much more than entertainment

So another week is over, in which we could recommend you many apps and games. Again: The apps are only temporarily free, so hurry up. We would be happy if you point out apps listed here that might already cost money again – and of course we’re always grateful for your app recommendations.

If there was nothing for you today in the mix, then don’t worry. NextPit will continue to provide you with temporarily free apps and games again next Tuesday, so keep your eyes open.

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