Free apps of the week: Hurry up, these 32 paid apps are temporarily free!

You’re looking for free apps? Then you’re in luck! As always on Fridays, here’s our second NextPit list of the week with apps and games for Android and iOS that are temporarily free. Be sure to grab these apps and games quickly on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store while you can.

As we come to the end of a very summery week (at least here in Berlin), things are getting pretty hot in this post as well. You should check our list right away and, if necessary, also pull everything that is interesting for you on your smartphone. As always, the offers here are all free for a short time only and if you’re too late, you’ll be punished with paid apps.

As every week, here’s our reminder: install interesting apps and games even if you don’t want to use them right now. By installing them, they’re added permanently to you library. So you can delete them again and reinstall them for free whenever you need them.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for Android

These Android apps are currently free

  • One Swipe Notes ($0.99): Practical notes app that you can use without leaving the app you are currently using. It hovers over your current application.
  • Magic Slate Pro ($0.99) (Ends Sunday!): A simple drawing app that is mainly intended for children to encourage their creativity.
  • Angle Meter Pro ($0.99): Here you can get a very precise digital spirit level for free – and it also has a compass function.
  • Quick Volume Control ($0.99): A simple tool that allows you to control the volume via the notification bar.

These Android games are currently free

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOS

These iOS apps are currently free

  • Breathing Zone ($2.99): Breathing correctly – not as easy as it sounds at first glance. These breathing exercises will help you get started.
  • GeoShred Play ($9.99): With this app even the biggest music louse can create musical masterpieces. At least that’s what it sounds like. 4.9 stars as a rating – that gives hope for a career as a musician!
  • Book Track ($4.99): An application that helps you manage your collection of books you’ve read, as well as keep track of what you still want to read.
  • Scanner Lens Pro ($9.99): Who needs a cumbersome scanner when you can do it just as well with your iPhone and this app?
  • Windy White Noise Sleep Sounds ($1.99): Fall asleep to chilling wind sounds – that’s exactly what this app promises you.
  • Houdini Playlists ($2.99): Exciting app that allows you to move your playlist from one app to another. Currently works with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.
  • File Explorer for Mac [Pro] ($4.99): This tool lets you access files on your Mac with your iOS device.
  • Emoji Camera ($0.99): This fun photo application will help you to enhance your pictures with emoji effects.
  • Unit Converter Pro HD ($1.09): Here we have a tool that can convert over 700 different units into 30 categories.
  • Ad Maker for Ads & Banners ($1.99): An app that lets you create ads for your business or page in no time, which you can then share on Facebook.
  • Design & Flyer Creator Pro ($2.99): This tool also helps your creativity. Use it to create flyers, invitations, and more.

These iOS games are currently free

  • Tales of the Black Death – Italy ($2.99): The adventure game recommended above for the Android faction is currently also available for iOS “for free”.
  • Heads up ($0.99): You might know this popular party game from the Ellen show if you follow the US show.
  • Cribbage HD ($5.99): Another card game. Here you have a nice implementation of the game Cribbage.
  • Towaga ($0.99): You are the hero who has to protect the temple of Towaga in this visually appealing 2D game.
  • Land and Castles ($0.99): Strategy game with a pixel look where you have to expand your kingdom and take on knights and Vikings.
  • My Diggy Dog 2 ($4.99): The hero of this game is an archaeology-interested dog with whom you have to solve numerous puzzles and complete tasks.
  • Tower of Fortune ($0.99): This RPG has been around for nine years and you can see that in the visuals. Still, 4.6 stars and positive reviews speak for an entertaining little game.
  • Goat Gone Wild Simulator 2 ($0.99): Well? Already played a goat that blows up objects with dynamite today? You haven’t? Then you know what you have to do!

So another week is over, in which we could recommend you many apps and games. Again: The apps are only temporarily free, so hurry up. We would be happy if you point out apps listed here that might already cost money again – and of course we’re always grateful for your app recommendations.

If there was nothing for you today in the mix, then don’t worry. NextPit will continue to provide you with temporarily free apps and games again next Tuesday, so keep your eyes open.

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