Free apps of the week: These 26 paid apps are free for a limited time!

You’re looking for free apps? Then you’re in luck! As always on Tuesdays, here’s our first NextPit list of the week with apps and games for Android and iOS that are temporarily free. Be sure to grab these apps and games quickly on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store while you can.

As we come to the end of a very summery week (at least here in Berlin), things are getting pretty hot in this post as well. You should check our list right away and, if necessary, also pull everything that is interesting for you on your smartphone. As always, the offers here are all free for a short time only and if you’re too late, you’ll be punished with paid apps.

As every week, here’s our reminder: install interesting apps and games even if you don’t want to use them right now. By installing them, they’re added permanently to you library. So you can delete them again and reinstall them for free whenever you need them.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for Android

These Android apps are currently free

  • Audio Recorder ($0.99): Make audio recordings in WAV or AAC (MPEG-4 audio) formats.
  • Fake GPS location ($0.99) (ends Thursday [1]): Change your geolocation in other apps to trick test features.
  • Milky Launcher Pro ($4.99): Tired of the current launcher on your phone? Try this ad-free option.
  • Speed Math 2018 – Pro ($0.99) (includes ads): Game or app? No matter, challenge your mind with different mathematical operations.

These Android games are currently free

  • Cytus II ($1.99) (includes in-app purchases): Musical game in which you need to unravel the events of a futuristic world, in which music is much more than entertainment.
  • City Destructor HD ($2.49) (ends on Thursday [1], includes ads and in-app purchases): Destroy the city with a limited number of bombs.
  • DungeonCorp ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Again free, survive the demonic challenges of corporate life.
  • Everybody’s RPG ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): PvP and single-player battles in an RPG with traditional 16-bit generation style.
  • Grow Spaceship VIP ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Upgrade your spaceship and survive hordes of enemies in this retro shoot ’em up.
  • Missile Dude RPG ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Shoot missiles until you lose count to avoid the invasion of demon zombies.
  • Stickman Legends Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): We didn’t have a zombie game, but the ever-present stickman makes his presence felt with this offline action game.
  • Timing Hero VIP ($3.49) (ends Friday [2], includes ads and in-app purchases): Retro RPG, with 8-bit graphics in the best style of Game Boy.
  • WindWings Premium ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Shoot ’em up with additional items in the Premium version.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOS

These iOS apps are currently free

  • Card Collector ($0.99): Catalog and register your sports cards on your iPhone or iPad – or your Pokémons, if you’re into the current collectible card craze.
  • Color Harmony ($0.99): Organize your phone’s apps according to icon colors.
  • Inspiration Maps VPP ($9.99): Diagrams, flowcharts and other illustrations to organize ideas and tasks in a simple way and with several sharing options.
  • Juice Watch ($4.99): Quickly check the iPhone battery level on the Apple Watch screen and be notified on the cell phone when the smartwatch is charged, simple as that.
  • Klipped ($0.99): Goodbye distractions! Put your ideas on the screen without having to worry about interfaces, features and other graphical elements (perfect for those already testing the Focus mode in iOS 15 beta).
  • Safety Note+ ($1.99): Protect your notes with password or biometrics on iPhone or iPad.
  • Starlight ($1.99): Find stars and constellations pointing the phone camera to the sky and see information about celestial bodies.

These iOS games are currently free

  • Chinese Checker Master ($2.99): Challenge the computer in this board game with simple visuals;
  • Flappy Me ($0.99): Don’t let the piggy turn into bacon in this Flappy Bird clone.
  • Break Brick Out ($2.99) (offers in-app purchases): Destroy the blocks to pass the phase in another game inspired by the classics Breakout and Arkanoid.
  • Cytus II ($1.99) (in-app purchases): Musical game in which you need to unravel the events of a futuristic world, where music is much more than entertainment.
  • Heads Up! ($0.99) (in-app purchase available): Challenge friends with this simple and fun guessing game, with dozens of categories.
  • Lands and Castles ($0.99) (in-app purchase available): Fight strategic battles to build your empire with pixel-art style graphics.

So another week is over, in which we could recommend you many apps and games. Again: The apps are only temporarily free, so hurry up. We would be happy if you point out apps listed here that might already cost money again – and of course we’re always grateful for your app recommendations.

If there was nothing for you today in the mix, then don’t worry. NextPit will continue to provide you with temporarily free apps and games again next Tuesday, so keep your eyes open.

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