Free apps of the week: These 30 paid apps are temporarily free!

We start another weekend with a new list of free apps and games for a limited time in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Enjoy our selection of apps for Android and iOS that are usually paid but can be installed for free on your phone or tablet.

NextPit updates this list every week, so some apps may have returned to paid status if you read this article days after it was published. To check out other app lists, simply go to the apps category of the site to find the most recent list.

At the time of publication, all the apps listed were available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. If you know of any apps that are currently free and worth a mention, or have found a promotion that has ended, do let us know in the comments.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game right now, install it anyway, before uninstalling it from your device. That way, it will be included in your library, and you can install it for free in the future when you need it.

Free Android apps temporarily on the Google Play Store

Free Android apps

  • Lecture notes ($2.99): With this app, you can easily and quickly make audio recordings in lectures and conferences, and also take written notes.
  • Unit Converter (Pega Pro) Premium ($7.49): Very comprehensive currency and unit converter, which we have already recommended to you several times. It even converts currencies into Bitcoins on a daily basis.
  • Money Manager Pro ($3.49): Do you wonder where your money keeps going? You obviously don’t spend your money on apps. This app helps you keep track of your expenses and lets you set different budgets.
  • Gallery Ad Free ($0.99): Here’s where you can land the ad-free Gallery app if you’re thinking about replacing your pre-installed app on your smartphone.
  • Livemocha ($0.99): I don’t think we’ve ever recommended this language learning app to you before. So if you can report whether Livemocha actually helps you learn a new language in no time, let us know.
  • GFX Tool Pro ($1.49): This tool lets you configure graphics options for various games in a fairly granular way.
  • Minerals Guide ($0.99): Minimalist app that lets you identify over 1,400 different crystals, including by color and hardness of the crystal.

Free Android Games

  • Principia: Master of Science ($2.99): A role-playing game that you can set to an English language edition, according to the comments. So don’t be put off by the foreign language page in the Google Play Store.
  • Blindy ($1.99): (only until tomorrow) Platform game in 2D retro pixel graphics. Warning – you’re in the dark here.
  • Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium) ($0.99): You know how those alien retro shooters go: Wave after wave of spaceships attack and you blast away anything that gets in your way. Good old Atari style.
  • Alice trapped in Wonderland ($1.99) In this point-and-click adventure game you have to solve a lot of puzzles. For more adventure games, check out our article on the best adventure games for iOS and Android.
  • Classic Sudoku PRO $1.99): A Sudoku game that has received a whopping 4.5 stars with 995 reviews. So seems like a real pick for Sudoku fans.

Free Apps and Games for iOS

Free iOS Apps

  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food ($3.99): This app lets you find vegan restaurants anywhere in the world. The community behind Happy Cow is 450,000 members strong.
  • Superimpose X ($4.99): Popular and very versatile photo app. But beware! The app is only free today!
  • Lilium Income ($1.99): Another tracker for your finances that comes with Siri support and looks excellent.
  • Scanner ($1.99): An app that can automatically recognize and save lyrics.
  • Enjoy the Sun ($1.99): Guess what this app can do? Yes, it tells you when the sun will rise or set. If you want, you can have notifications sent to you.
  • pixelcam ($0.99): Taking photos with retro effects, who needs 12 million pixels when you can have a few hundred?
  • DayCircle ($0.99): How do you keep track of all the important dates? Birthdays, first kiss, moving house – you can keep track of all that here and it probably works really well with the app considering it’s 4.9 stars.
  • One Meteo ($4.99): Once again the weather app we’ve already recommended to you, One Meteo promises hyper-accurate worldwide weather forecasts based on aviation datasets.
  • Dubcut ($0.99): A video tool that lets you cut and paste your clips together. Special feature: A text-to-speech function for your overlays.

Free iOS Games

  • Heads Up ($3.99): A charades game that’s actually meant for kids. Unfortunately, it’s only available in English, but that might make it interesting for older players, too.
  • Super Tank Battle ($2.99): This retro-looking game is reminiscent of the NES game Battle City and is thus aimed at fans of old-school console games.
  • Paintiles ($0.99): Very simple, but quite entertaining puzzle game in which you paint blocks with paint. According to the description also suitable for colorblind people.
  • Planet Puzzle ($0.99): Comomola Planets Puzzle is one of the most popular mobile games for kids on the AppStore for free.
  • Digital Dog ($1.99): You can adopt, care for, feed, and even walk a virtual dog (yes, you really do have to get out into the real world to do that). Kind of like a modern Tamagotchi.
  • Traffic Brains ($1.99): What else the world needed: A traffic light simulator. You manage traffic light programming and control traffic in increasingly complex stages.
  • 8-Bit Console Tank ($2.99): Pixelated retro game we already had today? Anyway – with this tank game you can currently save $2.99, so check it out.
  • LVL ($1.99): This puzzle game curiously mixes 2D and 3D, offering more than 50 custom levels and over 150 stages. The app takes up 127 MB, but is definitely worth every bit of it.
  • Rush Runner Train Surf 3D ($0.99): Traditional endless runner with a good rating and colorful graphics.

And this brings us to the end of today’s list. Remember that these apps are only free on a temporary basis. So, it’s possible that by the time you read this article it has been published, some suggestions would have been listed as paid once again. 

Anyway, our team publishes two versions of the list every week. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free, or have some recommendations for us? Then write us a message or leave a comment below.

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