Free apps of the week! These 31 paid apps are free for a limited time!

Looking for Android or iOS games or apps that don’t cost you an arm and a leg? Check out some of the limited-time offers on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where these paid apps are available for free for a limited time only. Check out our list and don’t miss out on the fun!

Our team updates this list each week, so if you’re reading this article a day after its release, some of the listed apps may have changed their status from free to paid in their respective app stores. At the time of publishing, all of the listed apps were available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. If you know of any apps that are currently free and worth a mention, please share your suggestion in the comments.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, but don’t want to make use of the app or game right now, install the app anyway, then remove it from your device. That way, it will be included in your library and you can install it for free in the future as and when you need it.

Free Android apps on Google Play Store

Free productivity apps on Android for a limited time only on the Play Store

  • Correlate ($2.99): record and track symptoms and activities to identify habits that may be causing health problems (and then help your doctor make diagnoses).
  • Memorize: Learn Japanese ($4.99): learning Japanese isn’t easy, make the long journey easier by using vocabulary learning cards.
  • Speedometer GPS Pro ($0.99) (ends Friday [18]): use your phone’s GPS to record routes and check your approximate speed.
  • Home Workouts Gym Pro ($1.49) (offers in-app purchases, ends Friday [18]): do a variety of exercises at home with illustrated guides on your phone screen or app (but consult an expert first!).

Android games temporarily free at Play Store

  • Cartoon Craft ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): even the orcs are turning into zombies (get ready, because zombies are coming with everything!), set up and equip your base to contain the invaders;
  • Connect ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases, ends Friday [18]): eliminate blocks with the same drawings in this casual game;
  • Cooking Quest VIP ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases, ends Friday [18]): a slightly different adventure in which you invest your food truck to rebuild the city;
  • Defender Heroes Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): protect your castle by harnessing the skills of different heroes in hundreds of enemy hordes;
  • Grow Heroes VIP ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): spend time developing your team of heroes in this idle style game;
  • Last Day Survival ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): the zombies are out there (again?), survive by making alliances with other humans and try not to become the undead;
  • League of Stickman ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): another sidescroller with the stickman character, in stages full of enemies, to take down with blows, spells and combos;
  • Superhero War Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): develop and evolve your robot zombie to face monsters that threaten humanity;
  • Tap Town ($1.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases, ends Friday [18]): prepare your (many) heroes to fight monsters and strengthen the village;
  • Zombie Avengers ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): prepare for another horde of zombies, this time zombie-stickmen, use hits and weapons to defeat the creatures in stages filled with lighting effects;
  • Zombie Masters VIP ($0.99) (includes ads and in-app purchases): eliminate zombies in dozens of stages.

Free iOS apps temporarily on the App Store

Productivity apps for iOS free for a limited time at App Store

  • Inspiration Maps VPP ($9.99): create diagrams and flowcharts with several ready-to-use templates.
  • Safety Note+ ($1.99): securely store your notes from strangers with password, fingerprint, or FaceID access control.
  • Shift OBD complete ($14.99): access telemetry information from your car, including real-time data (requires a compatible adapter in the vehicle).
  • Stream Music Player ($1.99): access and listen to your music saved in online services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box.
  • AJ Keyboard ($0.99) (in-app purchases): keyboard specialized in emojis and stickers, ready to use in WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage and other apps.
  • My Pills Reminder ($4.99) (in-app purchases): who has never forgotten to take a medicine? Make your iPhone or Apple Watch remember this commitment to your health.
  • Photo Widget ($0.99) (in-app purchases available): with a self-explanatory name, this app turns your photos into widgets on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Private Photo Vault Pro ($6.99) (in-app purchases): prevent others from accessing your photos and videos with password control.
  • PropFun Pro Camera ($0.99) (in-app purchases available): apply special effects to your photos with costumes, memes and other fun elements.
  • Sound Effects HD ($4.99) (offers in-app purchases): collection of sound effects with option to capture the audio track of videos in the camera roll.

Games for iOS currently free

  • Aeroplane Chess 3D ($2.99): digital version of the classic board game Ludo.
  • BomBop! ($3.99): don’t let the bomb drop on the screen and see how long you can survive.
  • Devil Twins: VIP ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): participate in frenetic battles and defeat demonic monsters.
  • Drop The Chicken 2 The Circus ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): solve dozens of puzzles to help poor Chuck escape from the circus.
  • Hide N Seek ($0.99) (in-app purchase): several mini-games for kids, with multiplayer option.
  • Lazy Sweet Tycoon ($2.99) (in-app purchases): build a business empire by simply touching the screen and managing your factory.

That’s it for now. If the promotion for one of the apps or games ends, or if there is an error in the link, please let us know. And if you have any suggestions for temporarily free apps, share them with us in the comments. Don’t forget that at the end of each week, we will publish another list, so see you there!

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