Frio relaunches as a one-stop shop for small light mounting accessories

Frio, the maker of the Frio cold shoe has relaunched under the new management of Imaging Brands, the company which also owns Tether Tools, as a new one-stop shop for off-camera light mounting solutions for photographers and filmmaking. The original Frio cold shoe has now been renamed the Frio Hold and the product line has been expanded with a number of new mounting solutions.

The new lineup includes a number of products for mounting hotshoe based lights including speedlights and LEDs, in various ways to help offer you more versatility on location when choosing where to put your lights, microphones, monitors or other small devices.

As well as the newly named Frio Hold, the relaunch of the brand comes with the Frio Arch, Frio Stand, Frio Cling, Frio Grasp Mini, Frio Grasb Bigi and the Frio Reach kit, which Frio says provides “the ultimate in versatility and portability for hard-to-light spaces”.

The new range looks like a great set of accessories for lightweight shooters, like photographers with speedlights or filming interviews with small LED panels. And while these items might look a lot like products we can find cheap on sites like eBay or AliExpress, I would expect (or at least hope) that coming from a company with the same parent as Tether Tools, these should offer much better build quality and durability than we might have experienced from those cheaper options in the past.

All of the items in the Frio range are available to buy now. Some of them can already be found on Amazon while others are only available through the online store on the Frio website.

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